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Surlingham St Mary’s Church

The village of Surlingham lies in a scenic river valley some 7 miles east of the city of Norwich.  It sits in a horseshoe bend of the river Yare in a lesser known part of the Norfolk Broads.  The village is spread out over a rough quadrilateral of lanes with farmland in-between.

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Surlingham Fleet

Although Surlingham is on the way to nowhere it attracts visitors for a variety of reasons.  It boasts two wildlife reserves: the Church Marsh bird reserve and the Ted Ellis nature reserve.  For walkers and cyclists it is on the Wherryman’s way long distance footpath and the N1 national cycle route.  It is also a popular riverside destination for those living in Norwich, not least because of its waterside pubs.  And of course it is also an attractive overnight stopover for those enjoying a boating holiday.


Please watch your speed when driving around Surlingham

Please watch your speed when driving around Surlingham

Unlike many Norfolk villages, Surlingham has a primary school and a post office and general stores.  Although few of the 600 or so residents work in the village there is an active community.

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