Save Money on Heating Oil

Surlingham Parish Council has agreed to join a county wide scheme to help local residents save money by bulk buying domestic heating oil.

The scheme is a partnership between Norfolk Rural Community Council and AF Affinity (Anglia Farmers).  This allows it to benefit from one of the largest agricultural purchasing groups.  The Norfolk RCC development officer Henry Meiklejohn told the parish council meeting recently that the price of heating fuel was consistently lower than local oil suppliers usually charge to an individual.  In 2011 the average saving was 11 per cent – but if 10 or more local people were to order together, the savings would increase considerably.

Everyone taking part in the scheme must register their details – name, address, e-mail, phone number and  identify a payment preference.  You will also need to sign a data protection statement so this information can be passed between the local group, Norfolk RCC and AF Affinity.  You can pay by credit/debit card over the phone or by direct debit.

There is no requirement to order through the scheme once you have joined. If you can find domestic heating fuel at a lower price elsewhere then you are free to order there.  There is absolutely no commitment.

All group members must be in the same postcode NR14 7—and the parish council will pay the registration fee as soon as sufficient interest has been registered to officially set up the scheme.  The sooner villagers apply, the sooner the scheme can get up and running.

To be part of the scheme, follow these steps:

  1. Carefully read the leaflet below explaining the scheme and the various options.
  2. Complete the registration form below headlined Norfolk RCC.  The name of the bulk buying scheme is “ Surlingham Parish”.
  3. Tick your preferred method of payment.  Please note that you may also pay by credit card by ticking the debit card box.
  4. Estimate the amount of fuel you may need in the average year up to 1000 litres.
  5. Keep a note of the helpline number 01362 698216.
  6. Send the registration form off to the RCC and it will be processed in less than a week, at which point you can ring the order number to make your purchase.
  7. Remember that by registering you are not committed to buying oil through the scheme. The best advice is to check the price with other suppliers and then ring the order number to find out the AF price. If you wish to get a group together to obtain a bigger discount, then order on the first day of the month (or the following Monday if the 1st is a Saturday or Sunday).
  8. To order oil ring 01603 881888 giving your name and mentioning the Surlingham Parish Scheme.

Scheme description

Registration form

Forms are also available at the village shop.

Information supplied by Peter Hiscocks