St Mary’s Graveyard F-G-H-I

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Surname Forename(s) Plot Inscription
FALGATE Richard 345 Richard Falgate Bricklayer Hillington GS

N.B. Old lead covered loft hatch to church roof, location not known

FARINGTON Evelyn 226 Evelyn Farington died 26th April 1982 aged 75 years
FENN Edgar 210 At rest our dear parents Edgar Fenn aged 42 Gladys Alice Fenn aged 79
FENN Gladys Alice 210
FENN John 181 Thirza Kezia Fenn died Sept 1956

John Penn died April 26th 1952

FENN Thirza Kezia 181
FERREY Eustace Meade 187 In loving memory of Eustace Meade Ferrey born 24 Nov 1886 died 12 March 1934 and of his beloved wife Winifred Mary born 21 Feb 1887 died 9 May 1970
FERREY Winifred Mary 187
FISH William 168 In ever loving memory of William the dearly loved husband of Martha Fish died 23rd Aug 1940 aged 76 years At rest Also Martha  wife of the above died 30th June 1968 aged 99 years.
FISH Martha 168
FISH William John 171 In loving memory of William John Fish died 19th Aug 1969 aged 76 years
FOOTE George Hodson 106 In memory of George Hodson Foote Priest born 20th January 1876 died 16th September 1962
FRANCIS William Britton 10, 173 In loving memory of William Britton Francis died 17th Jan 1959 aged 65 years And his wife Gladys Emily Francis died 19th February 1979 aged 79 years

I will sing praises unto my God

A brass plaque on a table:  In loving memory of William Britton Francis 1893-1959 And Gladys Emily Francis (nee Bracey) 1899-1979 Given by their children.

FRANCIS Gladys Emily (nee Bracey) 10, 173
FRANKS Robt 138 In memory of Robt Franks who departed this life April 29 1767 aged 56 years Also Hannah his wife who died July 31 1767 aged 58 years.

——— Scorn’d or Honour ——— Wrapt —- silent grave —— When Christ doth call us we —-.

FRANKS Hannah 138
FROSDICK Harriett Ann 264 In loving memory of Harriett Ann the dearly beloved wife of Charles Edward Frosdick who died August 19th 1889 aged 29 years

Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep from which none ever wake to weep.

FROSDICK William 262 In loving memory of William Frosdick who died August 14th 1888 aged 62 years The Lord —— Also Ann Elizabeth wife of the above who died October 24th 1895 aged 68 years

Under thy sod, earth receive our treasure to rest in God, waiting all his pleasure

FROSDICK Ann Elizabeth 262
FROSDICK Edgar French 309 Treasured memories of my dear wife Joan Louisa Frosdick born 20th October 1917 died 31st August 2004 Until we meet again Also of her dear husband Edgar French Frosdick born 16th May 1915 died 26th September 2006 Reunited God bless.
FROSDICK Joan Louisa 309
FROSTICK Ronald John 45 In loving memory of my dear husband Ronald John Frostick died 7th June 1979 aged 95 years.  Also his beloved wife Irene Eugene Frostick reunited 12th Dec 1980 aged 73 years
FROSTICK Irene Eugene 45
GALLANT Winifred Adelaide 330 In memory of Winifred Adelaide Gallant born 29th December 1925

Dearest Win beloved wife to Arthur after fifty years, parted for a while Wonderful Mum sweet Granny moved on to be with her Maker 29th May 1996 Loved and admired by all who knew her and so sorely missed

GARROULD Sarah 53 Sacred to the memory of Sarah relict of the late William Garrould of Huntingfield Suffolk who departed this life on the 1st day of July 1873 Aged 85 years

The blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanseth us from all sin 1 John 1:7

GENT John 139 In memory of John Gent of this parish who died 17th Decr 1832 aged 72 years Also five of his children

The memory of the just is blest

GENT Richard (Junior) 4 Here lieth interr’d the Earthly part of Richard Gent late of this Parish who died Augst 9th 1738 Aged 66

NB: The burial register has ‘Mr Richard Gent senior buried August 12th 1739.

GENT Richard (Senior) 105 In memory of Richard Gent who died March 22nd 1778 aged 45 years

Under this stone our faithful Friend is laid And have the debt of Nature freely paid Adieu dear Friend I hope you are at rest And with the LORD for ever to be blest

GENT Mary 104 Here lieth the body of Mary the wife of Richd Gent Junr who died April 9th 1767 aged 66 years

As there’s no Mortal knows what Time is given Be Just be Good & strive to merit Heaven

GENT Robert 63 In memory of Robert son of Thomas & Sarah Gent who died May 29th 1810 aged 44 years

NB: The burials register says aged 43.

GENT Thomas 59 In memory of Thomas Gent son of Thomas and Sarah Gent who departed this life Dec 27 1801 aged 37 years

NB: plus ?2 lines of illegible epitaph

GIBBS Alice Rachel 203 In loving memory of Alice Rachel the beloved wife of Samuel Charles Gibbs who died 22nd March 1906 aged 29 years

Peace perfect peace With loved ones far away In Jesus’ keeping we are safe and they.

GIBBS Bertram J Samuel 12 and 204 In loving memory of Bertram J Gibbs who died of wounds received in France 11th Oct 1918 aged 20 years

Peace perfect peace His loving smile and friendly ways are pleasant to recall he had a cheerful word for each and died beloved by all.

GIBBS Samuel 205 In loving memory of Samuel the beloved husband of Mary Ann Gibbs who died 20th Novr 1905 aged 64 years

His end was peace.

GIBSON (GIPSON) John 325 In affectionate remembrance of John Gipson who died 7th Janry 1881 aged 78 years

Blessed are those servants whom the Lord when he cometh shall find watching. 

NB: Burials register has surname as Gibson.

GIBSON (GIPSON) Sarah Ann 326 In affectionate remembrance of Sarah Ann beloved wife of John Gipson who died 28—-g 1879 Aged 75 years ————- —not —–cometh

NB: Burials register has surname as Gibson.

GIDDINGS Howard William 333 In loving memory of Howard William Giddings died 23rd January 1989 aged 58 years
GILBERT William 93 In memory of William son of Willm and Ann Gilbert who died in his infancy 1808
GLADWELL William Charles 44 In loving memory of my dear husband William Charles Gladwell died 2nd Dec 1979 aged 79 years
GLANFIELD Sidney George 332 In loving memory of Sidney George Glanfield died 10th December 1977 aged 66 and his dear wife Mary Emma died 3rd April 1998 aged 76
GLANFIELD Mary Emma 332
GOODRAM Mary 57 In memory of Mary wife of Saml Goodrum of Monedon Hall in Suffolk youngest daughter of Edmd G-asscock late of Roudham Hall in Norfolk died Septr 10th 1793 aged 62

NB: The burial register has Mary Goodram widow buried Sept 1793 where her age looks like 74.

GOSTLING Richard 340 Sacred to the memory of Charlotte the wife of Richard Gostling who died 12th of March 1849 aged 55 years Also of the above Richard Gostling who died 1st of Febry 1865 In his 78th year
GOSTLING Charlotte 340
GOSTLING Robert 341 In memory of Eliza the beloved wife of Robert Gostling and — daughter of the late John Gent of this parish who died Jan 2 1870 in the 46th year of her age Also of the above Robert Gostling who died Feb 18 1871 aged 49 years

NB: Burials register indicates they were both of Norwich.

GOSTLING Eliza 341
GREENO Charles Frederick 339 Charles Frederick Greeno a loving husband and father died 5th April 1995 aged 76 years

Forever in our thoughts

GRICE Louisa Gray 141 In memory of Louisa Gray relict of Charles Chase Grice eldest daughter of John & Sarah Gent who died 26th Jany 1863 aged 52 years

Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh.

GRAY Robert 61 In memory of Robert Gray who died Octr ye 29th 1756 aged 79 years.
GRAY Barbary 60 In memory of Barbary the wife of Robert Gray who died Apl 21 1759 aged 70 years.
GRAY John 62 In memory of John Gray late of this parish who died Mar 19 1804 aged 83 years —— ——

This spot contains the ashes of the just Who sought no honors, betrayed no trust, This truth he proved in every path he trod, An honest man’s the noblest work of God

GROOM Cyril 13 1939 – 1945 In grateful memory of…

Pte Cyril Groom 4th Norfolks

…who gave their lives in the cause of freedom

GUNNS Myra 129 In loving memory of Myra the affectionate wife of Robert Gunns and beloved mother of Ellen Roper who passed away 5th April 1917 aged 74 years

She hath done what she could.

NB: Burials register states she was of Lingwood.

HARDEN James Edmund 43 James Edmund Harden died 26th May 1988 Aged 55.

Treasured memories of the one I love Sheila

HARDWICK Vernon 276 In loving memory of my dear husband Vernon Hardwick 1901 – 1977 and of Ivy Hardwick his wife 1896 – 1988
HARVEY George 178 In loving memory of George Harvey died Jan 2nd 1956 aged 82 years Also Julia Harvey died July 10th 1966 aged 89 years


HARVEY Julia 178
HARVEY M A [Mary Ann Harriet] 342 M A Harvey died April 17th 1864 aged 11 mths

Weep not for me

NB: Burials register has her as Mary Ann Harriet Harvey buried 24 April 1864 aged 1 year nearly.

HARVEY Ronald John 117 Cherished memory of Ronald John Harvey Born 16 July 1944 died 22 August 1959

Brief was the life God sent.

Also his grandad Samuel T Brooks Born 30 Jan 1894 died 26 Nov 1962. 

Herbert John Harvey died 23rd Aug 1985 aged 62 years.  On reverse of vase: 

Our Ronnie from Nan

HARVEY Herbert John 117
HARVEY Thomas Copland Clarke 140 In memory of Thomas Copland Clarke Harvey who died August 1st 1851 aged 41 years

How well prepared we ought to be for in my strength death called for me Nothing will say the tyrant nay *for when he calls we must obey*

Also of Mary the beloved daughter of the above who died August 23rd 1853 aged 14 years

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away Blessed be the name of the Lord.

HARVEY Mary 140
HAYES Rachel 42 In affectionate remembrance of Rachel the beloved wife of Samuel Hayes who died 10th February 1889 Aged 87 years

My times are in thy hand Psalm xxxi v15

We spend our years as a tale that is told / Psalm XC 9

HAYES Mary Ann 41 Resurgam IHS In affectionate remembrance of Mary Ann Hayes who departed this life January xxixth mdccclxxx Aged xxvi Years

Not dead, but sleepeth

HERRING Austin George 155 In loving memory of AG Herring

N.B. [Burial register has Austin George Herring buried 22 April 1964 aged 84, of The Green, Surlingham.]

HERRING Jessie 148 In loving memory of Jessie dearly loved daughter of George & Rosa Herring Born 21st June 1914 died 6th May 1923

Another gem in the Saviour’s grown another star in heaven

HERRING Phillip 123 Jesus friend of little children be a friend to me : Take my hand and ever keep me close to thee.

In loving memory of Phillip Herring died Sept 1st 1959  aged 3 days

A bud on earth a bloom in heaven

HIGGINS John Brian 208 John Brian Higgins born 2nd June 1920 died 18th July 1979
HILLS Douglas Walter Glanville 338 Treasured memories of Douglas Walter Glanville Hill dearly loved husband father and grandad called to rest 11th Oct 1994 aged 75 years Forever in our thoughts Also of Doris Eileen Hills dearly loved wife mother and grandmother Called to rest 9th April 2005 aged 84 years Reunited

Love divine all love’s excelling

HILLS Doris Eileen 338
HIPKIN John E 12 1919 This gate was erected by the parishioners to the glory of God and in memory of…

who fell in the War 1914 – 1918 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

Pte John E Hipkin 7th Norfolks…

HISSEY Mabel 306 In loving memory of Mabel Hissey 1890 – 1986
HOLSWORTH James 12 1919 This gate was erected by the parishioners to the glory of God and in memory of…

Pte James Holsworth / iiird Norfolks..

who fell in the War 1914 – 1918 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

HOWARD Harriet 102 In memory of…

Harriet Howard wife of Robert Howard of Halvergate and daughter of Robert Newman of Hellington who died September 11th 1858 aged 68 years O Lord in thee have I trusted let me never be confounded.

HUDDART Alfred 79 Treasured memories of Alfred Huddart 1882-1918, Alice Margaret Huddart 1883-1970
HUDDART Alice Margaret 79
HUDSON Albert E 12 1919 This gate was erected by the parishioners to the glory of God and in memory of…

Pte Albert E Hudson / vth Norfolks…

who fell in the War 1914 – 1918 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

HUDSON Thomas 96 Here lieth ye bodys of Thomas & Margret Hunt  He died Jany ye 4 1718 Aged 72 years She died Sep~ ye 8 1724 Aged 72 years
HUDSON Margret 96
HYLTON Mary Elizabeth Amis 144 Sacred to the memory of Mary Elizabeth Amis Hylton who departed this life 23rd June 1875 in the 73rd year of her age

Jesus saith I am the resurrection and / the life for as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

ILLSLEY James Robert 151 James Robert Illsley died 16th April 1954 aged 87 years

Thy will be done

ILLSLEY Sarah Elizabeth 150 In loving memory of Sarah Elizabeth Illsley died 27th March 1950 aged 89 years

She gave abundantly of love and understanding

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