St Mary’s Graveyard A-B

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Surname Forename(s) Plot Inscription
ADCOCK Harry 111 William Norman the beloved son of Harry and Janet Adcock who fell asleep June 7th 1910 aged 15 years
ADCOCK Janet 111
ADCOCK William Norman 111
ALEXANDER Muriel Alexander RICH 211 In loving memory of Geoffrey James Rich a beloved Husband, Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad born August 16th 1914 died January 25th 1997 Also of Muriel Alexander Rich a beloved Wife, Mum, Grandma and Great Grandma born May 25th 1918 died August 15th 2004

Awaiting the Resurrection

ALDRED Alfred Herbert 162 In loving memory of Alfred Herbert Aldred 16th June 1944 aged 70 years and his beloved wife Amy Fisher 17th Oct 1954 aged 75 years

Victor Ronald Wakefield 24th July 1993 Aged 78 years and his beloved wife Annie (Nancy) 23rd Sept 2005 aged 91 years

Alfred Herbert (Sonny) lost on HMS Parthian August 1943 aged 39 years

Amy Fisher (Cis) 2nd March 1972 aged 69 years

Loved by us all

ALDRED Amy Fisher 162
ALNWYK John 7 Magist’ John iacet hic dictus prenobilis Alnwik Qui dedit ecclesie plurima dona sue Et mundu renuit celica regna petit Anno Milleno C quater L quoque deno

Translation: Here lies Master John called the right honourable Alnwik who gave many gifts to his church and left the world and sought the heavenly kingdom in the year 1450 plus ten

AMES James 240 In affectionate remembrance of Betsey Ames the beloved wife of James Ames who died 4th January 1875 aged 53 years

O what is life?  Tis but a dream and soon that dream is o’er But let us hope that we shall meet in heaven to part no more.

AMES Betsey 240
AMIS Hannah 153 In affectionate remembrance of William Moore the dearly beloved husband of Mary Ann Moore who fell asleep 27 June 1897 aged 74 years

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord From henceforth Yeah saith the spirit That they may rest from their labours Also Mary Ann Moore wife of the above who died 10

AMIS Mary Elizabeth Amis HYLTON 144 Sacred to the memory of Mary Elizabeth Amis Hylton who departed this life 23rd June 1875 in the 73rd year of her age

Jesus saith I am the resurrection and the life for as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

ANDREWS Ann 92 In memory of John Seely who died April 7th 1796 aged 60 years

Heart A good companion honest without Art His dealings Faithful to his Friend Belov’d by all lamented at his end.

NB: The burials register is very informative: the son of Robert Seely and Ann his wife, late Andrews Spr, Died at Loddon April 7th and buried here April 12 1796 aged 60 years.

ANDREWS Margaret Lucy 85 In memory of Tedda George Andrews Died 29th June 1992 Aged 80 years Also Margaret Lucy Andrews Died 22nd December 1998 aged 87 years

Rest in peace.

ANDREWS Tedda George 85
ARGER William 128 In loving memory of William Arger who died 18th April 1920 aged 68 years Also of Mary Ann the beloved wife of the above who died 30th April 1921 aged 64 years

Father, in thy gracious keeping leave we now our loved ones sleeping

ARGER Mary Ann 128
BAILY Honor 231 Honor the wife of Pointer Baily She died Dec 27 177- aged 68 years The S—- ——- ——- Weep not—-Weep for your sins and there refrain Asleep in dust free from all pain Till Christ shall rise me up again

NB: The burials register has her buried 30 Dec 1777

BAILY James 232 In memory of James the son of Pointer Baily of Woodton who died Oct 15th 1757 in ye 24 year of his age

Sleep on in Silence never more to wake till Christ doth call and ye to glory take

BARHAM Pleasance  18 In loving memory Pleasance Barham 1918-2004
BARNES Edmund 133 To the memory of Edmund Barnes who died April 19 1824 Aged 82 years.
BARNES Martha 132 In memory of Martha the wife of Edmund Barnes of this parish who died April 2DO 1813 aged 62 years.
BARNES Samuel 135 In memory of Samuel Barnes Born – Nov 1819 died 20 July 1906

In memory of Mary Ann the beloved wife of Samuel Barnes daughter of William —sds(?) Barnes Born—— Died—– .

William Barnes son of Samuel and Mary Ann Barnes died at Adelaide Australia October 21st 1877 aged 27 years.

Frank Andrews son of Samuel and Mary Ann Barnes died 11th September 1870 aged 11 years.

John Henry third son of Samuel and Mary Ann Barnes Born 12th October 1854 died 3rd June 1914.

Also in affectionate remembrance of Lucy Barnes younger daughter of the above born June 7 1853 died April 12 1931.

BARNES Mary Ann 135
BARNES William 135
BARNES Frank Andrews 135
BARNES John Henry 11 In loving memory of John Henry Barnes October 12th 1854 – June 3rd 1914 and of Lucy Barnes, his sister June 7th 1853 – April 13th 1931 of the Manor House, Surlingham whose lives were spent in this parish “They served God in their generation”

NB: Interred in the family vault nearby

BARNES Lucy 11
BARR Winifred Esther 280 In loving memory of Winifred Esther Barr born 1st July 1895 died 21st April 1980

In God’s keeping Also her sister / Kathleen Elizabeth Mayers born 25th Nov 1896 died 5th June 1991

BARTLEY Frederick 12 1919 This gate was erected by the parishioners to the glory of God and in memory of…

who fell in the War 1914 – 1918 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

Lt Frederick Bartley v Essex regt…

BARWICK Betty Rosina 14 Betty Rosina Barwick Died Jan 25th 2008 aged 83 years
BERTRAM Bertram J GIBBS 12 1919 This gate was erected by the parishioners to the glory of God and in memory of…

Pte Bertram J Gibbs vi Northant’s…

who fell in the War 1914 – 1918 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

BESFOR James   In memory of James Besfor who was unfortunately drowned in the North River June 11th 1830 aged 45 years Also Hannah his beloved wife who died 5th Nov 1847 aged 63 years and was interred in the parish of St Pancras London And of James their son who was drowned Sepr 7th 1818 aged 2 years
BESFOR Hannah 246
BESFOR Robert 234 To the memory of Robert Besfor son of Robert & Mary Besfor who departed this life Feb 12 1813 aged 18 years

NB: ?10 lines of illegible epitaph

BETTS John 201 In loving memory of Margaret the beloved wife of John Betts who departed this life January 28th 1915 aged 67 years

A bitter grief a shock severe to part with one we loved so dear Our loss is great we’ll not complain But hope in heaven to meet again

Also of John Betts beloved husband of the above who died May 3rd 1917 aged 69 years

Until the day break and the shadows flee away

BETTS Margaret  
BETTS John Edward 299 In affectionate remembrance of John Edward the dearly loved son of John & Margaret Betts born May 14 1881 died May 11 1902

Look on dear friend as you pass by As you are now so once was I God thought it fit to call me home He cut me down in early bloom.

BLOOMFIELD Tricia 254 Treasured memories of a loving wife and mum Tricia Bloomfield born 4th October 1961 Also baby Joshua born 1st January 2002 died together 2nd January 2002

God has you in his keeping we have you in our hearts.

BRACEY William 163 In loving memory of William beloved husband of Harriet Bracey died 25th December 1943 aged 77 years

Peace perfect peace

Also of the above Harriet died 8th April 1950 aged 86 years

Reunited Days, months and years may pass away, but their sweet memory lives for aye

Also of Percy their dear son died 19th May 1963 aged 71 years

BRACEY Harriet 163
BRACEY Percy 163
BRACEY James 112 Eliza the dearly loved wife of James Bracey who died July 23rd 1914 aged 75 years Rest to the weary Also of James Bracey husband of the above who died July 2nd 1917 aged 82 years

Reunited his stone was erected by their 28 grandchildren

BRACEY Eliza 112
BRACEY Eliza 113 In sweet memory of Cecil Ernest dearly loved son of Albert & Elizabeth Sparkes who died Novr 16th 1917 aged 23 years

In the midst of life we are in death. 

Small flatstone behind:  In loving memory of Eliza Bracey died 12th Feb 1960 aged 86 years

BRACEY Mabel 282 In loving memory of Mabel Bracey 1893 – 1987

The Lord is my shepherd

BRACEY Walter 127 In loving memory of Walter Bracey died 22nd February 1923 aged 53 and his wife Emily Bracey died 28th August 1965 aged 87 and their daughter Marjorie Bracey died 17th May 2001 aged 92
BRACEY Emily 127
BRACEY Marjorie 127
BRAYBROOKS Frederick Thomas 38 In loving memory of Frederick Thomas Braybrooks 5 June 1906 – 19 Aug 1960 And his wife Doris Catherine 31 July 1903 – 2 Oct 2001
BRAYBROOKS Doris Catherine 38
BREACH William Joseph 166 In loving memory of Ethel Maud Breach died 16th Jan 1950 aged 68 years Also William Joseph Breach died 18th Oct 1957 aged 76 years
BREACH Ethel Maud 166
BROCK George 13 1939 – 1945 In grateful memory of…

George Brock Chief Radio Officer Merchant Navy

…who gave their lives in / the cause of freedom

BROCK James 241 Headstone:  In affectionate remembrance of James Brock who died 22nd march 1854 aged 56 years Also Ann his beloved wife who died 2nd Febry 1871 aged 71 years Also of Emily Matilda Matthews grandchild of the above who died 17th Augst 1868 aged 3 years

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord

BROCK Ann 241
BROCK William George (Billy) 26 In loving memory of Olive Edith Brock died 17th April 1968 Aged 65 years Also her husband William George (Billy) Brock died 14th August 1987 Aged 81 years

Loving parents and grandparents.

BROCK Olive Edith 26
BROOKS Samuel T 117 Cherished memory of Ronald John Harvey Born 16 July 1944 died 22 August 1959 Brief was the life God sent.  Also his granddad Samuel T Brooks Born 30 Jan 1894 died 26 Nov 1962.  Herbert John Harvey died 23rd Aug 1985 aged 62 years. 

Our Ronnie from Nan

BROWNE John Newman 267 Sacred to the memory of John Newman Browne only child of Robert & Harriet Browne of Surlingham who died May 15th 1839 aged 3 years  —–  —–  Protection— ——  —–  ——  ——  I—family—-.  John Newman Browne 1839
BROWNE Robert 266 Sacred to the memory of Robert Browne who died 29th Nov 1865 aged 54 years.  RB / 1865
BROWNE Harriet 265 Sacred to the memory of Harriet wife of Robert Browne of Great Plumstead who died 23rd May 1866 aged 58 years.  HB 1866.
BUGDEN Mary 224 Sacred to the memory of Mary the wife of Willm Bugden who died 12th Nov 1840 aged 24 years Also Sarah Ann their infant daughter aged 2 months  ———  ———  —–

in heaven to be blest /with my dear children to be at rest

BUGDEN Sarah Ann 224

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Information kindly donated by Graham Loveday King