St Mary’s Graveyard N-O-P-Q

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Surname Forename(s) Plot Inscription
NAYLOR David C F 206 In loving memory of a dear husband, dad and grandad David C F Naylor died 14th August 1990 aged 75 years Also of a dear wife, mum and nanny Dulcie H Naylor died 19th December 2007 aged 85

Reunited Life’s work well done

NAYLOR Dulcie H 206
NEALE Helen 87 Helen Neale-Mason RIP
NEWMAN Charles 289 In affectionate remembrance of Charles younger son of the late John Newman died 28th July 1878 aged 39 years

Jesus Christ the way the truth and the life

Also Charlotte Elizabeth eldest daughter of the above John Newman died 14th May 1882 aged 52 years

Asleep in Jesus

NEWMAN Charlotte Elizabeth 289
NEWMAN Robert 99 In memory of Robt Newman who died Feby 6th 1793 Aged 66 years

Afflictions sore long time I bore Physicians were in vain Till GOD did please me to call And free me from my pain.

NEWMAN Robert 100 Here lyeth the body of Robert Newman who dyed may the First 1705 Aged 55 Years
NEWMAN Robert 290 In / loving memory of / Robert Newman ——[this is a long line] [this is likely to be the day and month] —-1885 aged (7-) years Also— —— —— –30 188- aged 68 years ——

and there shall be no more death neither sorrow nor crying neither shall there be any more pain for the former things are passed away

[The burials register has Robert Newman of Topcroft buried June 5th 1885 aged 75, and Maria Newman of Gt Plumstead buried 13th January 1888 aged 68.]

NEWMAN Mary 3 Mary Newman Died 1661

[The burial register has Mary Newman the daughter of John Newman buried 21 April 1662]

NEWMAN Mary 70 In memory of Mary Newman fourth Daughter of John & Elizth Newman who departed this Life Febry 26th 1833 aged 27 years —-ld

she was how generous and how kind —-good nature and her senses join’d Willing to please fearful to offend A ——-t love and a faithful friend.

NEWMAN John 286 In loving memory of Mary relict of John Newman of Salhouse who died 13th Decr 1881 aged 84 years

Into thine hand I commit my spirit thou hast redeemed me, O Lord God of truth.

In memory of John Newman who died Octr 10th 1843 aged 47 years His end was peace

NEWMAN Mary 286
NEWMAN Robert 102 In memory of Robert Newman who departed this life on the 11th of April 1832 aged 80 years Also of Mary his beloved wife who departed this life on the 6th of December 1814 aged 54 years Also of Robert their son who died on the 10th of Aug 1821 aged 29 years

Blessed are the dead which die in the LORD for they rest from their labours and their works do follow

Also to the memory of Emily daughter of the above Robt Newman junr who died 11th July 1834 aged 14 years.

In memory of Susanna Newman wife of Robert Newman of Thurton and daughter of James Miller of Bramerton who died January 14th 1849 aged 68 years

In the midst of life we are in death.

In memory of Robert Newman who died May 27th 1846 aged 27 years…

…In memory of William Stratford Newman who died May 12th 1842 aged 20 years

NEWMAN Mary 102
NEWMAN Emily 102
NEWMAN Susanna 102
Robert 102
NEWMAN William Stratford 102
NEWMAN Susanna 98 In memory of Susanna the wife of Robt Newman who died May 5th 1800 aged 73 years

—’d in dust here lies the last remain — who firmly bore Death’s ling’ring pain Who prov’d  thro’ all the series of her life Friend a tender mother and virtuous wife.

NEWMAN Louisa 288 In remembrance of Louisa the beloved wife of John W Newman of Bixley who died 31st July 1874 aged 30 years

God’s will be done.

In memory of Hannah H Newman third daughter of John & Mary Newman who died November 23rd 1865 in the 33rd year of her age

She sleeps in Jesus.

NEWMAN Hannah H 288
NEWMAN Zechariah 68 To the memory of Zechariah second son of John & Elizabeth Newman died May 1st 1859 aged 57 years.
NEWMAN John 71 In memory of John Newman Husband of Elizh Newman who departed this Life March 24th 1832 aged 77 years

———-did his soul resign —— it —–do— ——-to —-.

NEWMAN Ursula Surlingham 2 Here lyeth the body of Vrsela the wife of John Newman who departed this life the 4 day of October 1663 Hodi mihi [skull and cross bones] Cras tibi

[Burial register has Ursley the wife of John Newman buried fifte day of October 1663.]

NEWMAN Hannah 72 In memory of Hannah third Daughter of John and Elizh Newman who departed this Life July 8th 1830 aged 30 years

Short was—– Cut off —–Nurse.

NEWMAN Hannah 97 In memory of Hannah the wife of James Newman who died Octr 1st 1794 aged 36 years

If youth and virtue could not save A virtuous woman from the grave Reader prepare to follow me you know The debt that she has paid –alt d—

NEWSON Guy 46 In loving memory of Guy Newson 11-5-1907 – 30-11-1974 Father of Barbara A forgiving man

Died of Huntington’s Disease

NEWSON Monica Margaret 167 Monica Margaret Newson Sept 1939 Sept 1941
NEWSTEAD Joseph John 145 In loving memory of Joseph John Newstead who died 23rd Dec 1931 aged 85 years


NEWSTEAD Rebecca Roseanna 143 In loving memory of Rebecca Roseanna Newstead born May 5th 1854 died May 21st 1914 aged 60 years. 

Also a shield laid against bottom of the roll, which could be free-standing and may therefore not be related to Rebecca Newstead:  In loving memory of Arthur Jas Coffin died May 2nd 1886 aged 24 years Prepare to meet thy God

NICHOLLS Stephen 142 In memory of Stephen Nicholls who died 30th Decr 1868 aged 77 years Also of Sarah his wife and relict of John Gent who died 23rd Dec 1872 aged 88 years.  The dearest friends of all must part.
NICHOLLS Sarah 142
NICHOLSON James Edwin 199 In loving memory of James Edwin son of Henry & Elsie Nicholson died 20th February 1914 aged 1 day
NOBBS Isaac 220 In memory of Isaac Nobbs who died 11th October 1865 aged 56 years

Boast not thyself of tomorrow for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.  Prov 27c 1v.

NOBBS Robert 22 To the memory of Robert Nobbs Many years resident in this parish who died 14th January 1878 Aged 88 years Also Susannah wife of the above who died 30th December 1877 Aged 86 years
NOBBS Susannah 22
NOBBS Martha 343 Brick pamment now in the mower shed, but had been on north side of church: 

In memory of Martha widow William Nobbs 16th August 1869 aged 71 years

[Burials register has her buried 25 Aug 1868, aged 70.]

NORMAN Frances Elizabeth 194 In loving memory of Frances Elizabeth Norman (late of Gt Yarmouth) died 17th August 1915 aged 67 years
NORTON Will 245 In memory of Will Norton who died December 5th 1765 aged 27 years

Death like an over flowing stream Sweeps us away our life’s a Dream An empty tale a morning flower Cut down and wither’d in an Hour

OSBORN John 271 In memory of John Osborn who departed this life Octr 8th 1854 in the 76th year of his age.
OSBORN Mary 270 In memory of Mary the beloved wife of John Osborn who died May 14 1842 aged 65 years

Also three of their daughters Susan aged 30 Ann aged 20 Hannah aged 15

How short is life here below we are travelling to the grave quietly to meet the SAVIOUR above to bathe in the fullness of his love

OSBORN Susan 270
OSBORN Ann 270
OSBORN Hannah 270
OSBORN Richard 130 In loving memory of Richard Osborn who died December 22nd 1880 aged 70 years.  In fond remembrance of Herbert Edward Osborn who died December 6th 1869 aged 20 years

Not my will but thine be done.

In fond remembrance of Sarah Ann Osborn who died July 24 1881 aged 70 years.

In affectionate remembrance of Esther Ann Osborn who fell asleep in Jesus 4th Jan 1894 aged 49 years.

In loving memory of Richard Noah Osborn who died February 18th 1914 aged 67 years at rest

OSBORN Herbert Edward 130
OSBORN Sarah Ann 130
OSBORN Esther Ann 130
OSBORN Richard Noah 130
OSBORN Robert 261 Sacred to the memory of Sarah the beloved wife of Robert Osborn who departed this life 7th April 1865 aged 60 years

Also the above Robert Osborn who died 6th Febry 1890 aged 81 years

Blessed are the dead who in the Lord depart Yea, saith the Spirit for their pangs are o’er Serene is heaven Christ keeps the sainted heart whose griefs are ended and who weeps no more ‘I give unto them eternal life’

OSBORN Sarah 261
OSBORN William 269 In memory of William the eldest son of Robert & Sarah Osborn who died Aug 5th 1844 [or 11 combinations, really not clear] aged 17 years —— —— —— —— let worms devour my wasting flesh And crumble all my bones to dust My God shall raise my frame anew at the revival of the just. 

[Burials register has William Osborn buried 11 Aug 1844 aged 17.]

PARKE Frederick 278 Remembrance of Frederick Parke 2d January 1980 aged 102 years
PARKER Honor 216 In loving remembrance of Honor Parker of this parish who died 30th December 1891 aged 77 years The memory of the just is blessed Also of Charlotte Parker sister of the above who died 16th July 1904 aged 90 years

He giveth his beloved sleep.

PARKER Charlotte 216
PARKER George Alfred 320 In loving memory of my dear wife Dora Alice Parker who died 7th August 1967 aged 73 years

In God’s keeping

Also George Alfred Parker husband of the above who died 3rd Dec 1978 aged 89 years


PARKER Dora Alice 320
PARKER George William 293 In memory of George William Parker who died 1st April 1977 aged 84 Also of his wife Dorothy who died 29th September 1957 aged 62 Reunited
PARKER Dorothy 293
PARKER Walter 101 Walter Parker who died 2nd Feb 1900 Aged 88 Years Elizabeth his wife who died 11th Feb 191[8 or 9] Aged 91 years
PARKER Elizabeth 101
PARKER Mary 238 Sacred to the memory of Mary the wife of Samuel Parker who died March 23rd 1838 aged 64 years
PARKER Samuel 215 In affectionate remembrance / of / Samuel Parker / who departed this life / 4th February 1875 / aged 67 years.
PARKER? Samuel? 239 Same style as 238:  Sacred to the memory of Samuel —— who ——
PARRITT Percival Dennis 257 Remembered with love and laughter a dear husband dad & grandad Percival Dennis Parritt 2nd June 1928 – 4th Dec 2003
PERFITT Dean Lindsay 315 Treasured memories of a greatly loved son and brother Dean Lindsay Perfitt died tragically on August 19th 1990 aged 22 years

Resting on the love of God His hand is not shortened that he cannot save We will love and remember you always

PERFITT Reginald James 308 In memory of loving parents Reginald James Perfitt died 25th November 1980 aged 76 years And his dear wife Millicent May Perfitt died 15th June 1993 aged 81 years

I know my redeemer liveth

PERFITT Millicent May 308
PERKINS Stuart 37 In loving memory of F Ann Perkins 1931-1992 and Stuart Perkins 1928-2006
PINDER Adrian John 17 In loving memory of Adrian John Pinder 7th January 1970 22nd November 2007 dearly loved son of Geoffrey and Anne and Brother of Emma Requiescat in pace
PINK Richard 13 1939 – 1945 In grateful memory of…

…Richard Pink HMS Greyhound…

…who gave their lives in the cause of freedom

POINTS Jack Walter Douglas 39 In loving memory of Jack Walter Douglas Points 1.6.1921 – 23.5.1991

And of his wife Betty Constance 26.1.1922 – 27.12.1998

POINTS Betty Constance 39
POLL David 52 Our son David Poll born into heaven 11th May 1963

For ever in our thoughts.

POLL George William 27 In loving memory of George William Poll 21.1.1924 – 29.6.2007

beloved husband / dad and granddad

POTTLE Robert 331 Sacred to the memory of Robert Pottle who died July 28th 1883 aged 79 years

The Lord giveth and the Lord hath taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord.

POTTER Jack 122 In loving memory of Dora Alice Potter died 30th Sept 1961 Also of her dear husband Jack Potter died 13th March 2000


POTTER Dora Alice 122
POWELL Glyn 16 In loving memory of / Glyn Powell died 14th January 2008 Aged 79

Dearly loved Dad Grandad and Great grandad Always in our  thoughts

PRATT Robert 107 In loving memory of Robert Pratt born 12th March 1815 died 16th January 1908

Not lost but gone before

Also of Caroline his loving and beloved wife Born July 9th 1814 Died Sept 14 1909

PRATT Caroline 107
PRESTON Doris May 40 In loving memory of Doris May Preston 28th January 1991 Aged 92 years
PULFORD Dennis Sidney 321 In loving memory of a dear husband Dennis Sidney Pulford who died suddenly 7th March 1965 aged 42

Fond memories

And his darling wife Yvonne Irene Alberthe Pulford who died 7th March 2001 aged 75


PULFORD Yvonne Irene Alberthe 321
PULFORD Sydney 277 In affectionate remembrance of Ethel Pretoria Pulford who passed away 10th July 1978 aged 77 years Also Sydney Pulford who passed away 29th May 1981 aged 83 years


PULFORD Ethel Pretoria 277
PULFORD Steve Allan 274 Treasured memories of a dear son and brother Steve Allan Pulford 20th August 1979 aged 21 years For ever in our thoughts
PURDY John 154 In loving memory of (those words surround a circle of flowers and leaves) John Purdy the beloved husband of Mary Ann Purdy who died August 30th 1909 aged 63 years

O we miss him but how sadly bleeding hearts alone can tell earth has lost him heaven gained Jesus hath done all things well ‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God’

PURDY Mary Ann 191 In ever loving memory of Robert the dearly loved husband of Mary Ann Purdy who died 16th September 1932 aged 81 years

His end was peace

Also of Mary Ann his dearly loved wife died 5th December 1950 aged 94 years.

PURDY Robert 191
PYE John Ernest 51 In memory of a beloved son John Ernest Pye born 21st Jan 1946 died 22nd Jan 1947

A tiny flower lent not given to bud on earth and bloom in heaven

QUANTRILL Thomas 193 In loving memory of Thomas the beloved husband of Sarah Ann Quantrill died 12th March 1936 aged 88 years

He giveth rest to the weary.

QUANTRILL Sarah Ann 202 In loving memory of Sarah Ann the beloved wife of Thomas Quantrill died August 1st 1918 aged 69 years

Come unto me all ye that are weary and I will give you rest

Also in loving memory of Frederick the only son of the above who died May 28th 1905 aged 29 years

Thy will be done

QUANTRILL Frederick 202

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