List of Parish Councillors

List of Councillors:

  • John Broom (Chairman) 01508 538929
  • Peter Hiscocks (Vice-chairman) 01508 538177
  • Heidi Dimmock (Taxi support scheme) 01508 538184
  • Philip Reeve 01508 538516

Liz Robertson 01508 538642 (awaiting photo)

I became a Parish Councillor in January 2017. I have lived in Surlingham village for 15 year and have been an active member of the village since arriving. All three of my children have attended Surlingham school and I was a member of FOSS for a number of years as well as a School Governor for two years. As a family, we have hosted several ‘Progressive Supper’ Evenings and I have been a member of the Parochial Church Council. My involvement so far with village life has reinforced my belief in ‘community’ being central to well-being.

I worked as a solicitor before now being employed as a company director.

Barbara Rix 01508 538480Barbara Rix.png

I became a parish councillor in 1992. My passion was then and continues to be the Staithe off Ferry Road. With the help of the late Phyllis Ellis we established who the owners were and many years later the Parish Council was able to purchase it for £300.00.

My great hope is that the residents of the village will continue to maintain the staithe keeping the dykes clear and the area tidy, when my husband Joe and I can no longer do the work that we love.

Pat Scowen 01508 538791Pat Scowan

My driving interests are environmental/conservation issues and social/community issues: my interest in the environment in relation to Surlingham Parish Council can best be summarised by the slogan think global act local and my interest in creating a community orchard combines all the above interests – conserving heritage varieties, creating a local social space and shared resource, ultimately, hopefully, producing locally grown fruit which can be shared locally, and finally, the trees planted will also contribute, albeit in a small way, to carbon reduction.


Janet Rogers (Clerk to the Parish Council) 01603 665341

I retired from Norfolk County council in 2015. Looking for a challenge, I saw the advertisement for Parish Clerk and I was appointed in January 2017. With no previous experience, learning the duties and powers of the Parish Council is certainly keeping me occupied. I am a people person and I am enjoying meeting and getting to know the parishioners in the course of my work.

I live in Norwich with my King Charles Cavalier Rosie for company, my daughter and her family live in the village and two of my grandsons attend school in Surlingham.

Whenever I can I like to spend time walking Rosie, gardening, doing cross stitch, knitting or reading. I attend a Pilates class in Bramerton, enjoy the theatre, in particular plays and meeting up with friends for meals out and holidays.

The Parish Hall Management Committee is a sub-committee of the Parish Council.  For Village Hall bookings phone Rachel on 01508 537151