Parish Councillors

List of Councillors:

John Broom (Chairman) 01508 538929John

I have lived in Surlingham with my family since 2003.  My wife was born in the village and both my sons attended the primary school.  I am the Managing Director of Norfolk Plant Hire. Historically, my family began building boats in Norfolk in the late 1800s.  So you could say the Norfolk Broads are in my blood, which is why I am as passionate about the broads as I am about our village.

I have been the Chairman of the Parish Council since 2015.  My ambition is for the Parish Council to commit to both a village (short) and neighbourhood (long term) plan to identify and record what the expectations of the residents are, for example clarifying the cicumstances where and when housing developments should be allowed.  The Neighbourhood plan, approved by the electorate would be recognised by SNDC.  By taking control to shape things for the future we will help to protect the character of the village.

Philip Reeve 01508 53851620180403_213551

I was born and raised in Surlingham and have lived here most of my life. So I have a strong interest in preserving the culture and tradition of the village, as well as looking forward to the progress required to keep village life alive. My grandchildren were 4th generation of my family to attend the village school and I believe as a community we must support the school in order for us to continue to grow as a community.

I joined the Parish Council in 2015 and have been very active in helping to organise events for the village and carry out the odd repair when required.

Pat Scowen 01508 538791Pat Scowan

My driving interests are environmental/conservation issues and social/community issues: my interest in the environment in relation to Surlingham Parish Council can best be summarised by the slogan think global act local and my interest in creating a community orchard combines all the above interests – conserving heritage varieties, creating a local social space and shared resource, ultimately, hopefully, producing locally grown fruit which can be shared locally, and finally, the trees planted will also contribute, albeit in a small way, to carbon reduction.

Dave Swinborne 01508 538065

Born in London I came to Norfolk in 1968 and moving to Surlingham in 1987. 

Our two sons who went to the village school and then Framingham Earl are both in the police, one in CID in Cambridge, the other in Norwich.

I worked at Norwich Union (Aviva) for 44 years in various capacities but in the last half of my career in a managerial capacity. I retired from Aviva then went on to work for Norfolk County Council for a further 8 years.

I was a Parish Councillor in the 1990’s for a few years as well as a Treasurer for FOSS.

Having always been interested in the wellbeing of the village and now with more time on my hands I thought it was time to become involved again.

Interests include Archaeology, History, Vernacular Buildings, Antiques, DIY, Rugby, going to the Gym at Loddon, singing with the Surlingham Broadnotes and now babysitting our granddaughter.

Mike Stiff (no phone number given)mike

I have grown up in Surlingham, having attended Surlingham Primary School & have more recently built my family home here in the village. 

I work in video production and marketing; having filmed many films in and around Surlingham over the years. Growing up in the village has given me a very strong sense of place and community. It is important to me that this is not lost. 

I am passionate about helping and supporting people within our community. It is essential the village moves with the times, but it is paramount to me to preserve this fantastic village, it’s heritage and community for generations to come.

Will Mack 01508 538206will

I have lived in Surlingham for the majority of my life and have taken the decision to come back and work alongside my father Tim on our farm at The Grange in Surlingham. 

I will now be here for the rest of my life and would love to be given the opportunity to have an input into the village. 

Here at the farm we are introducing new diversifications which are hopefully providing a good service to the village and would love to have the opportunity to interact more with the residents. 

We are in the process of leasing some land to the primary school so that they can turn it into a forest school to aid their understanding of the outdoors. 

We will also be doing more with the school and will hopefully be having them down to the farm to give them a broader understanding of agriculture.


Janet Rogers (Clerk to the Parish Council) 01508 538921

I retired from Norfolk County council in 2015. Looking for a challenge, I saw the advertisement for Parish Clerk and I was appointed in January 2017. With no previous experience, learning the duties and powers of the Parish Council is certainly keeping me occupied. I am a people person and I am enjoying meeting and getting to know the parishioners in the course of my work.

I live in Norwich with my King Charles Cavalier Rosie for company, my daughter and her family live in the village and two of my grandsons attend school in Surlingham.

Whenever I can I like to spend time walking Rosie, gardening, doing cross stitch, knitting or reading. I attend a Pilates class in Bramerton, enjoy the theatre, in particular plays and meeting up with friends for meals out and holidays.

The Parish Hall Management Committee is a sub-committee of the Parish Council.  For Village Hall bookings phone Rachel on 01508 537151