St Mary’s Graveyard J-K-L-M

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Surname Forename(s) Plot Inscription
JACKSON Walter 291 In loving memory of Walter Jackson who fell asleep in Christ Feb 18th 1977 aged 69 years

Awaiting resurrection

JAMES William 110 In loving memory of William the beloved husband of Margaret James who died July 12th 1915 aged 63 years

Hark! The herald angels sing Glory to the newborn king Peace on earth and mercy mild God and sinners reconciled.

JELLYON/JULIANS Thomas 94 Here lyeth ye body of Thomas Jvlians ye Yovnger who departed this life ye 8 day of October 1681

N.B. [At first sight this looks like 1618]

JOHNSON Robert 56 In memory of Robert Johnson who died Sept 27 1758 Aged 80 years Elizabeth his wife died Feby 10th 1787 aged 70 years Robert their son died Sept 24th 1787 aged 47 years

In here they lie whose deeds deserved love There [sic] bodies here their [sic] souls are far above For truth and justice, charity and peace They are gone to taste those joys that never cease

N.B. [The burial register indicates son Robert was aged 48.]

JOHNSON Elizabeth 56
JOHNSON Robert 56
JOHNSON Susanna 55 In memory of Susanna the Daughter of Robt and Elizth Johnson who died July 30 1790 aged 15 years
JORDAN Frederick 149 In loving memory of Frederick Jordan who passed away July 25th 1936 aged 76 years

Also of Eliza Hannah his beloved wife who died March 27th 1955 aged 87 years

At rest

JORDAN Eliza Hannah 149
JORDAN Alice Maud 161 In loving memory of Alice Maud Jordan who died 2nd May 1950 aged 51 years

In God’s keeping

JORDAN Harry J 12 1919 This gate was erected by the parishioners to the glory of God and in memory of…

who fell in the War 1914 – 1918 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

CPL Harry J Jordan 1st Norfolks

KELLEHER Jeremy Railton 77 In loving memory of Jeremy Railton Kelleher born 27th June 1985 died aged 2 days
KENNINGTON James 160 In affectionate memory of James beloved husband of Miriam Kennington died 9th May 1937
KENT Elsie Mary 116 In loving memory of a dear husband and father Jack (John) Mouncer born 30 Jan 1925 died 4 April 1971

The face we loved is missing the voice we loved is still A place in our hearts is vacant and never can be filled.

Reunited with his mother Alice Mary Mouncer born 9 Sept 1892 died 29 Aug 1941.

Elsie Mary Kent nee Mouncer 1922 – 2003

KITCHEN Charles William 307 In loving memory of our dear parents Olive Mabel Kitchen died 19th June 1981 aged 64 years Also of her dear husband Charles William Kitchen died 23rd November 1991 aged 81 years

Awaiting the resurrection

KITCHEN Olive Mabel 307
KNIGHTS A 197 Treasured memories of our beloved daughter Ruth Jane Knights died 10th Feb 1947 aged 30 years.  A. Knights died 26th June 1948
KNIGHTS Ruth Jane 197
LAMB Michael Leonard 336 Treasured memories of a dear husband and dad Michael Leonard Lamb 1951 – 1994

Loved and remembered always

LAST Harry Edward 295 Treasured memories of a dear wife and mother Ethel May (Mary) Last who passed away 2nd Nov 1976 aged 75 years Always in our hearts

Also of Harry Edward Last loving husband and father Reunited 12th Jan 1997 aged 96 years

LAST Ethel May (Mary) 295
LAWRENCE Wilf 20 Treasured memories of Wilf Lawrence 1926-2006 ‘A Manchester Man’ Beloved husband of Doreen Sadly missed by all his family and friends
LEEDER Elizabeth 101 Elizabeth Leeder died March 3rd 1940 aged 88
LEEST William 75 In memory of William Leest who died June 15 1838 aged 48 years [four lines of illegible epitaph, then: ] The grave——  And soften’d e(ver)y bed Where should the (–ganember??) rest But with their dying head.  Footstone: WL 1838
LONGCROFT Alan Leonard 21 Treasured memories Alan Leonard Longcroft 1-4-1936 – 11-1-1993 A much loved husband His life a beautiful memory His absence a silent grief
LONHAWKYS (LOMAX) Richard 8 Orate p’ a’i’a d’ni Ric’i Lonhawkys quo’da’ Rector isti eccl’ie qi obijt xxo die dece’br Ao d’n’i Mo vc xiii cui’ a’ie p’piciet’ dei

[Pray for the soul of lord Richard Lonhawkys formerly rector of this church who died 20th day of Dec AD 1513 on whose soul may God have mercy]

LOVEWELL Thomas 103 In memory of Thomas Lovewell [rest now buried] who departed this life April 10 1785 in the 35 year of his age

Sleep on in silence never more to wake till Christ doth call thee and in glory take.

LYNES William 316 In memory of William Lynes who died Novr 1st 1850 in the 79th year of his age

Like as a father pitieth his children so the Lord pitieth them that hear him For he knoweth our frame:  he remembereth that we are dust.

LYNES Elizabeth 317 Sacred to the memory of Elizth Lynes who departed this life August 19th 1845 aged 71 years

The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord

LYNES William 318 Sacred to the memory of William the son of William & Elizabeth Lynes who died March 23rd 1829 [1829 altered from 1839; burials register confirms 1829] aged 22 years

Our bones are scattered at the Grave’s mouth as when one cutteth and cleaveth wood upon the Earth, but mine eyes are unto thee O God the Lord: in thee is my trust, leave not my soul destitute.

LYNES Mary Brown 324 In loving memory of Mary Brown Lynes who died November 27th 1888 In her 85th year For so he giveth his beloved peace Also Rachel Lynes who died April 1st 1890 in her 80th year

Lord hear us when we call for vain is the help of man

LYNES Rachel 324
MACDONALD Alexander 348 Alexander Macdonald 1910 – 1998
MACK Nora Augusta 198 In loving memory of Nora Augusta wife of E.G. Reeve and beloved eldest daughter of Helen A Mack, The Grange born Oct 15th 1887 died May 17th 1925

‘The lord is mindful of his own’

Also in loving memory of Helen Augusta

MACK Helen Augusta 198
MACK Pamela 253 In loving memory of Pamela Mack 1921 – 2001 dearly loved wife of the late Edmund Hylton Mack / (buried Rockland St Mary).
MANN Bertie 297 In loving memory of Gladys Evelyn Mann died 17th September 1974 aged 67 years At rest and of Bertie Mann died 17th October 1991 aged 89 years Reunited
MANN Gladys Evelyn 297
MARSHALL Cyril William 157 In loving memory of a dear husband & father Cyril William Marshall 1905-1981
MARTIN Mary 53 Sacred to the memory of Mary relict of the late Metyer Reynolds Martin of Spexhall Suffolk who departed this life on the 6th of May 1869 in the 64th year of her age

I am the resurrection and the life xi chapter St John 25 verse.

MAYERS Kathleen Elizabeth 280 In loving memory of Winifred Esther Barr born 1st July 1895 died 21st April 1980 In God’s keeping

Also her sister Kathleen Elizabeth Mayers born 25th Nov 1896 died 5th June 1991

MATTHEWS Emily Matilda 241 affectionate remembrance of James Brock who died 22nd march 1854 aged 56 years Also Ann his beloved wife who died 2nd Febry 1871 aged 71 years Also of Emily Matilda Matthews grandchild of the above who died 17th Augst 1868 aged 3 years Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
McGIFFIN David Edward 328 Treasured memories of a dear husband, dad & grandad David Edward McGiffin Passed away 24th April 1996 aged 54 years Also A much loved wife, mother and nanny Brenda Isobel Passed away 15th Jan 2002 aged 54 years

Reunited Rest in Peace.

McGIFFIN Brenda Isobel 328
MIDDLETON John 76 In memory of John Middleton who died Sept or Oct [one altered to the other, not clear which] 16 1817 Aged 59 years Also of Abigail his wife who died Dec 16 1829 aged 66 years

[The burial register has John buried 13 Oct 1817, but the MI certainly looks like 16th and not 10th.]

MIDDLETON Abigail 76
MIDDLETON John Charles 225 John Charles Middleton died 5th September 1981 aged 47 years
MIDDLETON Thos 78 Sacred to the memory of Thos Middleton who died September 9th 1851 aged 79 years

Mortals alike mankind must all decay, Scorned or honor’d turn to native clay; ‘Tis, vain therefore lament not for why, God hath appointed once for all to die; And thus the worms our bodies will decay, You must expect the same another day.

Also Jane his beloved wife who died Janry 25th 1876 Aged 85 years

MIDDLETON William 235 Sacred to the memory of Willm Middleton who died November 7th 1851 aged 68 years

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord: even so saith the Spirit; for they rest from their labours.

MILLER James Eric 207 Suzanne Patricia (Bunty) Miller June 11th 1919 August 12th 1989 Painter Darling wife, mother and grandmother

James Eric Miller August 13th 1916 November 11th 1994 Soldier Loving husband, father and grandfather

MILLER Suzanne Patricia (Bunty 207
MILLER John (Dusty) 32 Treasured memories of John Miller (Dusty) 1937-2003

A dear husband, dad grandad and brother

MILLER John Priest 9 In memory of John Priest Miller 1863-1933 Vicar of this parish 1894 to 1919 Buried at Lakenham

This brass was set up by parishioners of Surlingham

MILLYARD Ethel 84 In memory of Ethel Millyard 1910-1999

Always in our thoughts

MILLS Frederick Anthony 310 In loving memory of Frederick Anthony Mills formerly of Norwich surgeon who died at the Hill House in this parish on the 29th of January 1885 in his 85th year
MITCHELLS William 227 Sacred to the memory of William the husband of Susannah Mitchells who died Jany 1st 1801 aged 55 years [6 lines of illegible epitaph, but line three is] —–this worldly —– Also Susannah Mitchells daughter of the above who died Nov 8th 1817 aged 29 years ———–

Till God did please to give me ease and free me from my pains.

[The burials register states daughter was from Acle.]

MITCHELLS Susannah 227
MOLLETT Thomas 285 In memory of Thomas Mollett who departed this life Decr 22nd 1871 aged 29 years ——

Prepare to meet thy God.

MOORE Alfred Leonard 229 Sacred to the memory of Elsie May  Moore died 5th Aug 1972 aged 77 years and of her husband Alfred Leonard died 17th Oct 1976 in his 82nd year

In heavenly love abiding

MOORE Elsie May 229
MOORE David John 83 In loving memory of David John Moore dearest husband of Doreen who died on 16th June 1999 aged 60 years also Doreen Marion Moore who died on 2nd Sept 2007 aged 84 years.
MOORE Doreen Marion 83
MOORE Leonard William 258 Treasured memories of Leonard William Moore died 5th September 2004 aged 79 years a dear husband, dad and grandad.  Also of Dorothy Jean Moore died 6th June 2008 aged 79 years a dear wife, mum and nan


MOORE Dorothy Jean 258
MOORE Henry 147 In loving remembrance of Henry Moore who departed this life 30th March 1917 aged 84 years

‘I know that my redeemer liveth’  Job 19.25

MOORE Emily 146 In loving remembrance of Emily the dearly beloved wife of Henry Moore who departed this life 20th April 1916 aged 82 years

We cannot wish her back again to share our sorrows here but we can feel a parting pain and shed an affectionate tear.

MOORE William 153 In affectionate remembrance of William Moore the dearly beloved husband of Mary Ann Moore who fell asleep 27th June 1897 aged 74 years

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord From henceforth Yeah saith the spirit That they may rest from their labours

Also Mary Ann Moore wife of the above who died 10th April 1919 aged 94 years

Her end was peace

MOORE Mary Ann 153
MOORE Richard O 12 1919 This gate was erected by the parishioners to the glory of God and in memory of…

who fell in the War 1914 – 1918 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

LcCpl Richard O Moore / 1st Bat Norfolk Regt

MOORE Sarah Ann 130 In loving memory of Sarah Ann Moore who died November 24TH 1882 Aged 31 years.
MOUNCER Jack (John) 116 In loving memory of a dear husband and father Jack (John) Mouncer born 30 Jan 1925 died 4 April 1971

The face we loved is missing the voice we loved is still A place in our hearts is vacant and never can be filled.

Reunited with his mother Alice Mary Mouncer born 9 Sept 1892 died 29 Aug 1941.

Elsie Mary Kent nee Mouncer 1922 – 2003

MOUNCER Elsie Mary 116
MOUNCER Alice Mary 116
MOUNCER Violet (Catchpole) 80 In memory of Violet Mouncer (Catchpole) 1895-1965
MOUNCER William F (Billy) 323 Treasured memories of a dear husband & father William F Mouncer (Billy) died 18th May 1980 Aged 56 years

Alive in the hearts of those who loved him.

MUIRHEAD Albert William (Bill) 49 In loving memory of Alice Muirhead beloved wife of William (Bill) died 6 Feb 1965 aged 74 years Resting.

Also of her beloved husband Albert William Died 27 Jan 1971 Aged 79 years


MURRELL Robert 65 In memory of Robert Murrell who died July 18 1816 aged 68 years Also of Susanna his wife who died Nov 23 1824 aged 75 years
MURRELL Susanna 65
MURRELL Bridget Duffen 221 In memory of Bridget Duffen who died Dec 3rd 1837 aged 72 years She was the daughter of the late Robert Murrell of Old Buckenham
MURRELL Thomas 223 Sacred to the memory of Thomas Murrell who died Aug 10th 1828 aged 69 years And Mary his wife who died May 29th 1815 aged 51 years Also Reuben Howes, son of the above He died in 1809 on the 6th of April aged 14 And of Richard their son who departed this life Oct 8th 1826 aged 30 And also of Gibbs Murrell eldest son of the above Thomas and Mary Murrell who died April 16th 1847 At 54 years Also Catherine his wife who died March 18th 1848 aged 61 years
MURRELL Mary 223
MURRELL Reuben Howes 223
MURRELL Richard 223
MURRELL Gibbs 223
MURRELL Catherine 223
MURRELL Richd 66 In memory of Richd Murrell who Departed this Life Sep 11 1782 in the 67th Year of his Age

Weep not for me now I am gone It is the Lord his will be done Reader if you desire to tell The Glories of Immanuel ——- truth and love —-them from above

MURRELL Thos 67 Sacred to the memory of the five children of Thos & Mary Murrell who died in their infancy Thos died April 23 1801 Elizh died June 8th 1802 Robt Christopher died March 31 1803 Thos Christopher died April 8 1804 Thos Robert died June 8th 1806
MURRELL Elizh 67
MURRELL Robt Christopher 67
MURRELL Thos Christopher 67
MURRELL Thos Robert 67
MURRELL Gibbs Howes Murrell 222 Sacred to the memory of Jane Anne wife of Gibbs Howes Murrell daughter of Benjamin & Hannah Fenn of Great Yarmouth who died May 16th 1858 aged 35 years

Them which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him

In loving memory of Gibbs Howes Murrell who died March 26th 1891 aged 68 years

Simply to thy cross I cling

MURRELL Jane Anne 222
MYHILL Justin 89 Justin Myhill.

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up To heaven and bring you home again

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