St Mary’s Graveyard C-D-E

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Surname Forename(s) Plot Inscription
CARP Margaret Annie 180 In loving memory of Margaret Annie beloved wife of Frederick Daniel Carp who passed away 3rd March 1954 aged 74 years

Rest in Peace

CHAPLAIN Francis 64 Here lieth  ye body of John Chaplin Deceased March —–702 Here also lieth ye body of Franc———-his wife Dec’a’ Feb ye –th [single digit] 1690

NB: The burials register has ‘Francis wife of John Chaplain buried 4th Feb 1690’ and ‘John Chaplin buried March 14 1702.

CHAPMAN James 108 In loving memory of James Chapman who died 12th June 1908 aged 87 years

The time we have allowed us here we highly ought to prize And try to make salvation sure Before death close our eyes

Also of Mary Ann Chapman the beloved wife of the above born Nov 17th 1826 died Jan 16th 1913

Farewell dear mother thy labours are o’er Thy willing hands will toil no more A faithful mother so true and kind /No friend on earth like thee we find.

CHAPMAN Mary Ann 108
CLARKE Ann Bridget 312 Sacred to the memory of Ann Bridget daughter of Robert & Catherine Clarke who died August 27th 1863 aged 22 years

[4 lines of illegible epitaph]

CLARKE Audrey May 259 Audrey May Clarke died Jan 7th 2009 aged 84 years
CLARKE Walter 313 Sacred to the memory of Walter son of Robert & Catherine Clarke who died Sep 19 1853 aged 17 years

Also Bridget Senton Clarke who died June 10 1849 aged 2 months

The Lord gave & the Lord hath taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord

CLARKE Bridget Senton 313
CLARKE Mabel Elizabeth 252 In loving memory of Mabel Elizabeth Clarke 9th May 1933 8th February 2001
CLOTHIER Eleanor Margaretta 30 In loving memory of Eleanor Margaretta Clothier 1915-2004

May she rest in peace And rise in glory

CLOUGH Geoffrey Reginald 335 In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandad Geoffrey Reginald Clough who passed away 8th June 1992 aged 72 years Forever in our thoughts

Also of a dear wife, mother and nanny Florence Elise Clough who passed away 24th May 2008 Aged 85 years.  Reunited

CLOUGH Florence Elise 335
CLOUGH James Thomas 124 In loving memory of James Thomas Clough who died 10th Aug 1932 aged 67 years R.I.P. Also in memory of Leah widow of the above who died 31st Oct 1939 aged 76 years

Sleeping in Jesus

CLOUGH Leah 124
CLOUGH Reginald James 170 Treasured memories of a dear wife and mother Muriel Marjorie Clough who died 14th Oct 1961 aged 67 years At rest Also a dear husband and father Reginald James Clough who died 12th April 1985 aged 91 years


CLOUGH Muriel Marjorie 170
COCKLE Maurice James Draffen 136 In loving memory of Maurice James Draffen Cockle died 11th Oct 1945 ‘The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord’ Also Louisa Lilla Cockle died 15th Jan 1956
COCKLE Louisa Lilla 136
COCKRELL Charles 48 In loving memory of Charles Cockrell born 1st January 1901 Aged 67 years Also of Ellen Norah born 18th December 1908 Aged 92 years Loving mother and father

Reunited [no dates of death]

COCKRELL Ellen Norah 48
COFFIN George Richard 114 In loving memory of George Richard Coffin the son of A.R. & H.M. Coffin Accidentally drowned July 1st 1918 aged 16 years

Not gone from memory, Not gone from love, But gone to his happy home above

COFFIN Arthur Jas 143 In loving memory of Arthur Jas Coffin died May 2nd 1886 aged 24 years

Prepare to meet thy God

N.B. A shield which could be free-standing and may therefore not be related to Rebecca Newstead

COLE Jack Russell 284 Treasured memories of a dear wife and mother Elsie Irene Cole 28th Aug 1916 16th March 1991 In God’s keeping a much loved husband & father Jack Russell Cole 28th Nov 1914 23rd Sept 1999


COLE Elsie Irene 284
COLEMAN John 69 To the memory of Elizabeth Coleman eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Newman died June 9th 1858 aged 66 years.  John Coleman died Feb 27th 1863 aged 76 years.

Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord

COLEMAN Elizabeth 69
COLLINS Olive Elizabeth 275 In loving memory of Olive Elizabeth Collins 9-2-1984 aged 87 years
COOKE Ernest 182 In loving memory of Ernest Cooke died 6th July 1951 aged 61

In loving memory of Florence Cooke died 24th Nov 1985 aged 96

COOKE Florence 182
COTTELL Gwendoline Pearl 35 In loving memory of Gwendoline Pearl Cottell 1904-1994

May she rest in peace And rise in glory

CRAKE Robert 236 Sacred to the memory of Robert Crake Obt 23rd September 1851 aged 70 years

Also Ann his wife who died 17th May 1872 aged 86 years

For as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive

CRAKE Ann 236
CRAKE Edmd 242 Edmd Crake who died May 20th 181- aged 76 years Also Mary his wife who died March 1(7)th [could be 14th, doubtfully 11th] 1816 aged 81 years ———— God s——- In Christ there is —— For (all) that—–. 

NB Footstone, broken, remains buried and well preserved:  MC 1816 [Burials register has Edmund Crake buried 24 May 1815 aged 75.]

CRAKE Mary 242
CRAKE John 244 In memory of  John Crake who died Sept 1st 1784 aged 83 years Also Elizabeth his wife who died May 18th 1790 Aged 84 years Also Sarah their daughter who died Octbr 19th 1791 aged 43 years —– —— —— and with the Lord for ever will be blest
CRAKE Elizabeth 244
CRAKE Sarah 244
CRISP Lionel 81 In memory of Margaret Crisp 1887-1965 Lionel Crisp 1882-1966
CRISP Margaret 81
CURLL Mary Ann 287 In memory of Mary Ann Curll second daughter of John & Mary Newman who died July 19 1842 aged 12 years The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord
CURTIS William A 125 In loving memory of Lieut. William A Curtis R.N.  R.T.D. beloved husband of Esther Curtis died Dec 27th 1929 aged 60 years Abide with me Also of Esther beloved wife of the above died Jan 29th 1958 aged 85 years Reunited
CURTIS Esther 125
CURTIS Harold James 121 In loving memory of Harold James Curtis 23rd May 1903 – 14th Oct 1961 ‘The strife is o’er, the battle done’ Also his beloved wife Harriet Adeline 7th May 1903 – 6th Dec 1991 Reunited
CURTIS Harriet Adeline 121
CURTIS William 195 In loving memory of William Curtis who entered into rest 28th July 1931 aged 82 years Peacefully sleeping
CUSHION William 24 RIP In loving memory of William Cushion who died March 5th 1923 Aged 63 years Also his wife Emma Jane Cushion who died March 19th 1941 aged 71 years
CUSHION Emma Jane 24
CUSHION Harold George 23 In loving memory of Harold George Cushion 1899-1980  And also his wife Margaret Florence / 1902-1984
CUSHION Margaret Florence 23
CUTTING Thomas James 314 Thomas James Cutting died 2nd April 2009 Aged 96 years.  Elsie Cutting died 18th July 2006 aged 90 years
CUTTING Elsie Cutting 314
CUTTING James 169 In loving memory of James Cutting died June 12th 1963 aged 86 years Also his loving wife Fanny died Oct 3rd 1966 aged 86 years Reunited
CUTTING Fanny 169
DANIELS Mildred 279 In memory of Mildred Daniels loving wife of the late George Daniels who died 22nd January 1980 aged 78 years

I triumph still, if thou / abide with me

DARWOOD Herbert Stanley 36 In loving memory of Herbert Stanley Darwood died 27th July 1992 Aged 79 years
DAVEY G.W. (Bill) 322 In loving memory of G.W. (Bill) Davey beloved husband of Alice died 5th Jan 1965 aged 81 At rest

Also Alice beloved wife of the above died 19th July 1970 aged 81 Reunited

DAVEY Alice 322
DAVISON David 298 In loving memory of David Davison who died 17th May 1971 aged 90 years

Also his wife Agnes Elizabeth Davison who died 14th April 1978 aged 89 years Reunited

DAVISON Agnes Elizabeth 298
DAWSON Charles 319 Sacred to the memory of Charles Dawson who departed his life March 23rd 1823 aged 66 years

Also Mary his wife who died Decr 26th 1825 aged 83 years

Now –st s—and — the hand of God.

DAWSON Mary 319
DAWSON Joseph Parker 329 In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Stella Star Pauline Dawson 1st May 1927 – 11th August 1997

Also of a dear husband Joseph Parker Dawson 30th September 1910 – 11th April 2000

DAWSON Stella Star Pauline 329
DENTON James 304 In memory of James Denton who died 12th July 1840 aged 84 years

The-days of our years are threescore Years and ten and if by reason of Strength they be fourscore years, yet Is their strength labour and sorrow For it is soon cut off and we fly away.  Psa XC 10v.

Also Elizabeth his wife who died 30th Sept 1852 aged 88 years

My heart panteth, my strength faileth me. As for the light of mine eyes, it Also is gone from me.  Psa XXXVIII 10v

DENTON Elizabeth 304
DENTON Harriot 305 In memory of Harriot daughter of James & Elizabeth Denton who departed this life April 26 1823 aged 28 years [broken]— not for me my parents dear [broken — dead but sleeping here [broken] —t a troublesome world behind —- of Glory for to find. 
DRAKE George 344 In loving memory of George son of Elizabeth Drake died Jan 24 1888 Aged 5 years

Jesus called a little child

DUNLOP Kenneth James Boyd 19 Remember Kenneth James Boyd Dunlop OBE Group Captain Royal Air Force 1912-1985 and his wife Grace Dunlop 1914-1995
DUNLOP Grace 19
EDWARDS Sarah 233 In memory of Sarah the beloved wife of George Edwards who departed this life 1st Novr 186- in the 68th year of her age

In the morning it flourisheth and growth up In the evening it is cut down and withereth Psa XC : 6

EDWARDS John 228 In memory of John Edwards who died Decr 30th 1850 in the 46 year of his age.

[4 lines more, end of last of which is:] –thy God

EDWARDS Samuel 230 Sacred to the memory of Samuel Edwards who for – years of his very long life resorted to this church in the ——-l  discharge of the —lls  o—s -ish –ern And who departed this life in the 95 year of his age His wife and children interred also in this consecrated ground having died before him. 

[south side has 16 lines of inscription, much of which is illegible]:  As a token of the respect in which he— —–and worthy—– —-we——this tomb  [line 5]—–we—– [line 10] Let your communication be yea yea nay nay for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil [line 14] —— heavenly —— [line 16] ——-s——-

[There is no date on this stone, but burials register has Samuel Edwards buried 13th July 1864 aged 94 years.]

ELLIS Thomas William 177 In loving memory of Thomas William Ellis died Jan 24th 1956 aged 74 years [end] The last gift remembrance

Also his living wife Margaret Emma died Nov 1st 1973 aged 83 years Reunited.

In loving memory of Austin Francis Ellis 11th March 1915 4th January 1995

Albert James Ellis 18th Dec 1917 18th January 2001

God’s great gift remembrance

ELLIS Margaret Emma 177
ELLIS Austin Francis 177
ELLIS Albert James 177
ELLIS Colin Robert 251 In loving memory of Colin Robert Ellis dearly loved son brother and fiancé taken suddenly 4th March 2000 aged 29 years

‘You shone like the sun’

ELLIS George William 15 In loving memory of George William Ellis 2-12-1914 25-1-2009
ELLIS Ted 346 St Saviour’s churchyard

Ted Ellis Naturalist

EVANS Ernest A 10 Brass plaque on a flower stand: 

Remembering Ernest A Evans 1895-1971 Clara A Evans 1896-1984

EVANS Clara A 10

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, due to the volume of data, mistakes may creep in.  Please make us aware of any errors using Contact us.  Information dated 2009.

Information kindly donated by Graham Loveday King