Casaprota-Surlingham Link


View of Casaprota

An informal link has been set up with a village in Italy an hour north of Rome.  Casaprota is in the Sabina mountains and has a similar population to Surlingham.  Some people in Surlingham are already corresponding with some Italians on Facebook or email and a visit might be arranged at a future date.  However,  the idea is that people can make what they want of the link.  It is open to all ages and you don’t need any italian language as the Italians are keen to use their English. Would anyone else like a person to write to?  In particular at present we are looking for English correspondents for a couple of italian families with young children ( 6-8 year olds).

Casaprota is a hill top village with a medieval centre.  It has ‘one of everything’: a bar, restaurant, bank, garage, food shop and butchers. Some people live and work in the village but others commute to Rome or live in Rome during the week and have weekend houses in  the village. They have a very active events-organising committee, the ‘Pro Loco’ who arrange festas, outdoor concerts and cultural events throughout the year but particularly in August when the people escape the heat of the city and the village becomes a small resort.  Also in the summer there is an open-air swimming pool complex with a huge shady café area, sports facilities and mountain views.  There are some attractive holiday cottages to rent and a friendly riding stables which also has accommodation.  Click here to go to  the Casaprota Comune web site .  If you think you might be interested do have a chat directly or  the  ‘CONTACT US’ on  will come through to us as an email.

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Paul and Louise Swift