St Mary’s Graveyard R-S-T

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Surname Forename(s) Plot Inscription
RAWSTON Isabella 214 In memory of Isabella, the loving wife of Harry Rawston, who died March 29th 1904 Aged 47 years

Abide with me.

READ Robert 119 Treasured memories of a dear husband & father Robert Read called to rest 27th March 1963 aged 89 years

At rest

Also Florence Gertrude Read passed away 25th January 1971 aged 86 years


READ Florence Gertrude 119
REEVE Nora Augusta 198 In loving memory of Nora Augusta wife of E.G. Reeve and beloved eldest daughter Helen A Mack, The Grange born Oct 15th 1887 died May 17th 1925

‘The lord is mindful of his own’

Also in loving memory of Helen Augusta

REEVE Helen Augusta 198
REEVE Reginald Christmas Edward 327 Reginald Christmas Edward Reeve died 21st Oct 2004 aged 86 years.

Reggie In loving memory of Reginald Edward Christmas Reeve dearly loved husband, father and grandfather Passed away 21 October 2004 Aged 86 years.

RICH Charles Frederick 74 In loving memory of Charles Frederick Rich born 19th April 1911 Passed away 16th Dec 1971 Also of Honor May Rich born 2nd May 1911 Passed away 25th Dec 2001


RICH Honor May 74
RICH Ivy Muriel 183 In loving memory of Ivy Muriel Rich loving wife of Charles H.J. Rich who passed over December 11th 1944

They are not lost who / are gone before

RICH James 217 Headstone, very badly worn, IHS at top :  In affectionate remembrance of (those words around a cross) El—- Rich ———-3rd —–188—– ———–ars ——— ——– ———- 1891 Aged – years James Rich who died ——- 1894 [certainly looks like 4, but see footstone

[Burials register has Ellen Rich buried 9 June 1887 aged 49, Susanna Rich buried 20 June 1891 aged 82 years, and James Rich buried 22 March 1895 aged 81 years.]

RICH E[llen] 217
RICH Susanna 217
RICH James Henry 218 In loving memory of James Henry Rich who died 11th June 1904 aged 64 years

The Lord giveth and the Lord has taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord

Also of his beloved wife Eliza Elizabeth Rich / who died 23rd Octr 1911 aged 66 years

Thy will be done

RICH Eliza Elizabeth 218
RICH Geoffrey James 211 In loving memory of Geoffrey James Rich a beloved Husband, Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad born August 16th 1914 died January 25th 1997 Also of Muriel Alexander Rich a beloved Wife, Mum, Grandma and Great Grandma born May 25th 1918 died August 15th 2004

Awaiting the Resurrection

RICH Muriel Alexander 211
RICH James 212 In loving memory of James the beloved husband of Jessie S Rich died 25th August 1927 aged 54 years

At rest

RICH Jessie Sarah 172 In memory of Jessie Sarah Rich beloved wife of James died 16th June 1961 aged 82 years
RICH Robert 165 In loving memory of Robert Rich who died May 21st 1944 aged 82 years Also of Sarah Ann loving wife of the above who died Dec 27th 1949 aged 83 years

Resting in peace

RICH Sarah Ann 165
RIX Doreen M 29 In loving memory of Doreen M Rix 8.12.1927 – 15.10.2005

A dear sister will be remembered always

RIX Elsie May 334 Treasured memories of our dear mother Elsie May Rix died 17th January 1992 aged 89 years
ROBINSON William Lawrence 243 In loving memory of William Lawrence Robinson 30th Nov 1962 – 25th June 1998 and his grandmother Edith Emma Wagstaff 2nd Sept 1899 – 24th Feb 1996
ROSE Dennis Brian Rose 283 Cherished memories of a dear wife and mum Audrey Doris Rose called to rest 12th June 1987 aged 67 And a beloved husband and dad Dennis Brian Rose Reunited 10th July 1996 aged 78

Forever in our hearts

ROSE Audrey Doris 283
ROSE Christine 88 Treasured memories of a beloved wife Mum and Nan Christine Rose died 5th July 2007 aged 60 years

Dearly loved and missed by all the family

donated by the family and friends.

RUDD John 50 Sacred to the memory of John Rudd who departed this life the 22nd of Jany 1819 in the 33rd year of his age  I know that my redeemer liveth Job 19ch 25v.

Sacred to the memory of Emily Rudd who died April 4th 1889 aged 76 years The Lord giveth his beloved sleep Psalm 127.2.

Sacred to the memory of Mary Rudd who died Novr 30th 1905 Aged 89 years My soul fleeth unto the Lord.

Sacred to the memory of Amy widow of the late John Rudd of this place who departed this life The 14th Novr 1878 In her 90th year Fear not for I have redeemed thee ISA 43rd Chap 1st v.

Sacred to the memory of John Martin Rudd who died Octr 13th 1868 aged 53 years Jesus is all Will —-th(ee) ——.

Sacred to the memory of Francis Gray Rudd who died Jany 23rd 1855 aged 36 years When my spirit was overwhelmed within me then thou knewest my path 142 Ps 3v.

Sacred to the memory of Robert Cock Rudd who died June 26th 1839 aged 24 years As in Adam all die Even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

RUDD Emily 50
RUDD Mary 50
RUDD Amy 50
RUDD John Martin 50
RUDD Francis Gray 50
RUDD Robert Cock 50
RUDD Robert 58 In memory of Susanna wife of Robert Rudd and daughter of Roger & Rebecca Cook who died July 25 1787 aged 27 years —— wife —-d—not of her life ——she —— to be.

In memory of Robert Rudd who died Sep 16 1806 aged 54 years

In realms of bliss his sainted soul is fled But ah to us the l—ond [?] and the Father’s dead We mourn his loss — do not Heaven arraign But think the loss to us to him is gain Weep not dear Relatives be this your trust that whatever is, is right and God is just

RUDD Susanna 58
RUSSELL Kenneth R 86 Treasured memories of a dear husband dad and grandad Kenneth R Russell Born 22nd February 1929 Passed away 20th March 1992

Gone from us but not forgotten

SADLER Frederick 179 In loving memory of Frederick Sadler died June 10th 1954 aged 74 years

He knoweth them that are his

Also Jane Elizabeth wife of the above died July 22nd 1962 aged 82 years


SADLER Jane Elizabeth 179
SANDOM James Anthony (Jim) 256 In loving memory of James Anthony (Jim) Sandom 26th November 1920 6th August 2002 Also of Doreen Elsie (Dee) Sandom / 24th November 1922 28th October 2005


SANDOM Doreen Elsie (Dee) 256
SAPEY Michael 34 Michael Sapey 1933-2002

Go in glory o’er the ancient sea Take with thee gentle winds thy sails to swell

SAPEY-RICE Nicola 28 Precious memories of Nicola Sapey-Rice died 17th September 2004 Aged 44 years loving daughter, sister aunt and wife
SAVORY Isabel Howard 159 Isabel Howard Savory died March 11th 1927 aged 81 years They shall mount up with wings as eagles
SCOTT Edward Herbert 192 In loving memory of a dear husband and father Edward Herbert Scott 14th Oct 1910 – 25th Jan 1991 RIP Also of a dear wife and mother Winifred Alice Scott 14th April 1917 – 18th June 2005


SCOTT Winifred Alice 192
SCOTT John 158 In memoriam The Reverend John Scott MA for 52 years vicar of this parish died August 31st 1888 aged 80 years

‘Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord’.

Also Mary Ann his wife died July 5th 1889 aged 68 years

‘Behold I come quickly’

SCOTT Mary Ann 158
SECRETT Susan 311 Sacred to the memory of Susan the beloved wife of Peter Secrett who died Novr 14th 1866 aged 80 years

Weep not:  the land to which I go is beautiful and light there shall no more tears or sorrow flow and there shall be no night

SEELY Mary 91 In memory of Mary the wife of John Seely who died Oct 6th 1814 aged 81 years —————- 

Till Christ doth call and me to Glory –.

SEELY John 92 In memory of John Seely who died April 7th 1796 aged 60 years ———————

Heart A good companion honest without Art His —– dealings Faithful to his Friend Belov’d by all lamented at his end. 

[The burials register is very informative: the son of Robert Seely and Ann his wife, late Andrews Spr, Died at Loddon April 7th and buried here April 12 1796 aged 60 years.]

SELF Robert 189 In loving memory of Ellen the beloved wife of Robert Self who died 13th August 1921 aged 65 years Also of the above Robert Self who died 11th Octr 1921 Aged 69 years

Peace perfect peace.

SELF Ellen 189
SEWELL Richard 184 Richard Sewell Sept 15th 1951
SHARMAN George Arthur Harold 301 In loving memory of George Arthur Harold Sharman who died 21st October 1991 aged 50 years.
SHARMAN Harold 300 In loving memory of Harold Sharman born 6th June 1906 died 2nd June 1964 And of his wife Mary born 4th February 1903 died 11th March 1973
SHARMAN Mary 300
SHEARING Samuel 109 In loving memory of Samuel Shearing who fell asleep 7th Novr 1908 aged 67 years

Sweet are the thoughts we all may meet kneeling with him at Jesus feet  Rev. 21. 4

Also of Susan the beloved wife of the above who departed this life 8th April 1925 aged 80 years

Thy will be done

SHEARING Susan 109
SINCLAIR Arthur 176 Treasured memories of Arthur Sinclair born 1st January 1913 died 8th July 1956 devoted husband and father
SKIPPER Robert 260 In affectionate remembrance of Robert the beloved husband of Mary Ann Skipper who died 20th June 1875 aged 64 years

Weep not he is not dead but sleepeth

Also Charlotte Harriet their beloved daughter who died 30th Sepr 1875 aged 34 years

Safe in the arms of Jesus Safe on his gently breast There by his love o’er shaded Sweetly my soul shall rest

SKIPPER Charlotte Harriet 260
SMITH George Leonard 115 In loving memory of Alice Marie Smith 10th October 1931 29th May 1999 A dearly loved wife and mother Also of George Leonard Smith 10th September 1921 3rd February 2008

A dearly loved husband and father Reunited.  Wooden cross with metal plaque also on this grave:  George Leonard Smith died Feb 3rd 2008 aged 86 years

SMITH Alice Marie 115
SMITH Brian (Peter) Wilberforce Smith 292 Brian (Peter) Wilberforce Smith FRCS 1910 – 1976 And his wife Beryl Emily MD MRCP Nee Barsey 1912 – 1989
SMITH Beryl Emily 292
SOLTER Robert 95 Here lieth ye body of Mr: Rob~: Solter who died October ye 15th 1715 Aged 67 years [last 4 lines buried and in perfect condition]
SOUTH Sidney Charles 263 In loving memory of a dearly loved husband dad and grandad Sidney Charles South who died 15th Aug 1989 aged 58 years

Rest in peace

SOWTER John 131 In memory of John Sowter who died Decer 12th 1877

Lost from sight but not from memory

SPARKES Albert 164 In loving memory of Albert Patrick Sparkes died August 9th 1941 aged 74 years

Peace perfect peace

Elizabeth Sparkes died February 5th 1947 aged 83 years

SPARKES Elizabeth 164
SPARKES Cecil Ernest 113 In sweet memory of Cecil Ernest dearly loved son of Albert & Elizabeth Sparkes who died Novr 16th 1917 aged 23 years

In the midst of life we are in death. 

Small flatstone behind:  In loving memory of Eliza Bracey died 12th Feb 1960 aged 86 years

SQUIRES James 200 In loving memory of Maria the beloved wife of James Squires who died 9th November 1908 aged 84 years

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord Blest are the people who trust in his word Blessed are they whose sins are forgiven for they shall be blest by the saviour in heaven

Also of James Squires husband of the above who died 19th February 1919 aged 87 years

Thou blessed lamb of god thy precious life laid down thou bore our sins upon the cross That we might wear the crown His end was peace

SQUIRES Maria 200
STACKWOOD Ernest John (Jack) 337 In everloving memory of a devoted wife Mother and Grandmother Constance Stackwood 26th October 1913 24th September 1994

To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.

Also of a much loved Husband, Dad and Grandad Ernest John (Jack) / Stackwood 6th July 1913 24th July 2005

Together again in the garden of rest, that special place where God puts the best

STACKWOOD Constance 337
STANNARD Geoffrey Ivan Winter 47 (10) In remembrance of Geoffrey Ivan Winter Stannard 1913-1995
STANWAY Eric Owen 281 In remembrance of loving parents and grandparents Eric Owen Stanway 1898 – 1980 And his devoted wife Doris 1913 – 1983

Together always

STANWAY Doris 281
STEEN Frederick 33 Frederick Steen 22nd July 1913 / 18th April 2003

Remembered with love a kind, good man

STIFF Herbert Malcolm 255 In loving memory of H Malcolm Stiff 1924 – 2002. 

Wooden cross with metal plaque:  Herbert M Stiff died 7th May 2002 aged 77 years.

STURMAN Adam 185 Adam Sturman 1.5.99

Gone but never forgotten.

In loving memory Ricci / Sturman — 30: 1948 Ju—-1 1986

STURMAN Ricci 185
STURMAN George Samuel 196 In memory of Sarah Ann the beloved wife of George Samuel Sturman passed away Dec 10th 1934 aged 56 years

At rest

G.S. Sturman died 10th Feb 1953

STURMAN Sarah Ann 196
STURMAN Charles Parke 273 Cherished memories of our beloved mother and grandmother Violet Hannah Sturman born 24th September 1909 died 20th August 1980

Life’s work well done God bless RIP

Treasured memories of a dear dad and grandad Charles Parke 3rd March 1912 12th November 1998

Reunited with Violet at peace

STURMAN Violet Hannah 273
SYR Andrew or Audrey 1 —– p’ a’i’ab’s Andrie Syr et Alicie Walisch —– Andrie quorr’ a’i’ab’s p’piciet “de” Amen 

[[Pray] for the souls of Andrew Syr and Alice Walisch —- of Andrew on whose souls may God have mercy Amen.]

TAYLOR Thomas 156 In loving memory of Florence & Thomas Taylor.

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you back again

TAYLOR Florence 156
THURSTON John 219 In loving memory of John Thurston (of Surlingham) who died 4th July 1887 aged 63 years

The memory of the just is blessed

THURSTON Happy 237 In loving memory of Happy the beloved wife of John Thurston who died 5th February 1886 aged 70 years

For so he giveth his beloved sleep 

TOMPSON Arthur 272 Arthur Tompson died Jan 13th— aged 91—
TOOLEY Matilda 213 In memory of Matilda wife of William Tooley who died 23 Decr 1896 aged 42 years

Blessed are the dead with die in the Lord

Also Alfred & John sons of the above who were killed in the great war 1914-1918

1919 This gate was erected by the parishioners to the glory of God and in memory of…

Pte John J Tooley RN / HMS Pathfinder…

who fell in the War 1914 – 1918 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

TOOLEY Alfred 213
TOOLEY John 213 (12)
TRETT Robert John 82 In loving memory of Harriet Ellen Trett who died Feb 27th 1964 aged 69 years Also her beloved husband Robert John who died Feb 23rd 1981 aged 93 years

Rest in Peace

TRETT Harriet Ellen 82
TRETT Herbert 13 1939 – 1945 In grateful memory of…

… P/A Sgt Herbert Trett Royal Artillery Field…

…who gave their lives in the cause of freedom

TRETT James 190 loving memory of James the beloved husband of Mary A Trett died 5th April 1931 aged 65 years Also Mary Ann wife of the above died 15th April 1951


TRETT Mary A 190
TUCK James Denton Tuck 303 In memory of James Denton Tuck who departed this life 18th March 1852 aged 27 years

I know O Lord that thy judgements are right and that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me Let, I pray thee, thy merciful kindness be for my comfort according to thy word unto thy servant.    Psa CXIX 75-76v.

TUCK William 302 In memory of William Tuck who died 12th March 1854 aged 32 years

And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me Write, blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, Yea, saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them   Rev XIV 13v

TURNER Willm 54 In memory of Elizth the wife of Willm Turner and relict of  Robt Johnson who died August 6 1818 aged 80 years
TURNER Elizth 54

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