Mill Road closure 2nd-20th Dec

For those of you who have trouble opening downloads – some extracts from the closure order follow.

<<……ORDER prohibiting the use by vehicles of the C195 Mill Road from a point 275m south from the junction with C195 School Lane to the junction with U78115 Holloway Road in the PARISH OF SURLINGHAM (ii) that in consequence traffic over the said road should be prohibited with effect from 2nd December 2013 to 20th December 2013 for the duration of the works expected to be about 19 days within the period.

2. Nothing in Article 1 of this Order shall make it unlawful for a vehicle which requires access, to proceed to a final destination situated within the length of road specified in Article 1 of this Order.

3. Where exceptional circumstances are encountered during the performance of the works specified in this Order the operational period of this Order may become extended to allow completion of the works.  This Order has a maximum duration of 18 months and will be revoked upon completion of the works.>>

Please refer to full document for details.

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