Men’s Midday Mardle


On the first Wednesday of each month (usually), men of all ages from our villages have the opportunity to meet together for a chat (‘Mardle’) at The Ferry House, by the river in Surlingham. Sonia, our landlady, always provides a warm welcome, with good food and drink to meet all tastes and requirements.

There is no fixed agenda or topic, so we get all sorts of discussions; everything from the weather, local politics, local village issues to football and sport – on occasion some even bring their ‘office’ (phone, tablet, etc!), so that they can join us for a brief break and refreshment.

Geoff Saunders was the original brains behind the meetings, which have now been running for several years; so thank you Geoff for inspiring us. It has been good to make new friends, find out about what’s going on in the different villages and even just be there for others to talk to.

So, men, if you have time to spare at lunchtime on the first Wednesday of the month, then why not come and join us. We’re there from about midday, until roughly 2pm. If it’s nice, then we can sit outside, otherwise, Sonia always sets a group of tables aside for us.

Information received from David Fairbourn

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