Professional Theatre on your doorstep! Stuff Of Dreams Theatre Company present a band new play by Anthony Cule and Emma Maclusky.

100 years ago, 13 year old Violet Potter led the pupils of a Norfolk village school out on strike, demanding their teachers be reinstated. Amazingly, the strike chalked up twenty-five years and the Burston villagers, despite great hardship and bullying, remained true to the teachers who wanted their children to get the education they deserved. The strike school, which was built – brick by brick- with donations from supporters, including Sylvia Pankhurst and Leon Tolstoi, still stands today. 

Stuff of Dreams Theatre focuses on the explosive relationships between teaching couple Tom and Annie Higdon and the powerful new rector, Charles Eland, who wants to keep the rich man in his castle and the poor man at his gate. The Higdons have wider horizons for their pupils and they clash!

The performance is on 25th April starting at 19:30 at Framingham Earl High School.  Tickets cost £9 for adults and £6 for students and can be reserved via school telephone on 01508 492547

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Information received from  Jocelyn Mack

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