Review of Allundé Concert

ALLUNDE – A concert of Rhythm & Rhyme by Surlingham Broadnotes Choir.

 A buzz of anticipation greeted us on taking our places at Surlingham Church on a sunny Sunday afternoon 14th June when Surlingham’s own Choir took to the stage for an afternoon of songs and verse in aid of the “Beautiful Old Lady of Surlingham” that is St Mary’s Church.

Clearly the Choir was highly appreciative of the work and commitment over the last year of their Musical Director Laura Morgan when introduced by continuity announcer Alexandra Evans. However we were made a bit wary when Alexandra then went on to relate the doggerel “There once were two ladies from Fordham, Who went for a walk and it bored ‘em, But on the way back ………” at which point we were not quite sure what we had come to!

However we were soon reassured by some tuneful and rhythmic musical numbers performed with confidence and gusto. Reassurance also came in the fact that Shakespeare, Blake, Eliot, Belloc & Hughes were on the programme of verse.

Of the verses “Wind” by Ted Hughes was read by Pat Scowen with poignancy, there was a delightful duo between David Browne (reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18) and Diane Corbin (replying with a rebuttal – “Do not Compare me to a Summer’s Day” (written by Surlingham’s Karen Francis), the moving recitation by Jo Threadgold of “My Friend”, and the explosive “George’s Toy” (little boys and dangerous toys) (Belloc) read by Patrick Lineham.

Of the songs these were tightly performed with good diction, tunefulness & rhythm. However I would say that the choir, after growing with a bit more confidence, might look a little more relaxed. Those who were shone out.

The retiring collection raised £151.70 and the promise of an extra £38 from Gift Aid.

All in all a cunning contrived entertainment for a Summer Sunday afternoon creating a buzz of appreciation over tea and cakes afterwards. Well done!

Roger Smith, Bramerton.

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