Report of Village Festival committee

Earlier this year the members of the Surlingham Fayre Committee decided to hold an open meeting to generate some fresh interest in the village fayre. New committee members were needed along with other people willing to help as things developed, and of course, on the day of the fayre itself. Four members remained from the previous committee, Patricia Henderson-Begg, Michelle Steele, Jo Malam and Tom Grant (Sthiramani from Padmaloka). We had met previously as a foursome and the outcome of our discussion was that we all felt strongly committed to the idea of a community event to bring people together for a fun day, while at the same time raising some money for village causes. We also realised the work involved and that we could not do it alone, therefore the open meeting.
The turn-out for the meeting was small, but those attending came along to ask questions, find out more, and they already had some intention to get involved. The committee then doubled in size when we were joined by Karen Francis, Paul & Mandy Archer and Sonia Cox. At our first meeting we found a lot of common ground and a willingness to work together to make the fayre a reality and a success. Tom (Sthiramani) was elected Chair, with Patricia as Treasurer, and Michelle and Jo agreed to share the role of Secretary.

A brainstorm of ideas – traditional and new – made for lively and interesting discussion. Gradually a fresh vision emerged, one where the emphasis would be on celebrating the village community in all its positive aspects and creativity.
With this approach we are going forward to organise the Surlingham Village Festival (and in keeping with spirit of festivities and celebration a name change was agreed).

This year it will be on Saturday 10th September 2016, from 1pm to 4pm in the grounds of Padmaloka. A new feature this year which will extend the day, will be an evening event at the Ferry Pub with live music, where we can relax, have some fun and continue to enjoy the community spirit of the day.
Information will be updated on this site after each committee meeting to keep you informed. Committee members will from now on be talking to groups and individuals in the village – organising events for the festival day – asking for help as needed – looking for sponsorship and donations etc. As a community event it is open to everyone to get involved and we hope many of you will. Please note the contact email address below.
Finally, the present committee is building on the work of many volunteers over the years. I would particularly like to thank those most recently resigned from the committee for their many years of service on behalf of the village community – Sue and Dave Driver, Pat Scowan and Barbara Rix.

Tom Grant (Sthiramani)
Chair, Surlingham Village Festival

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