Rural Crime Newsletter 15/4/16

The following is a Police Connect message.

Good Evening all,

Welcome to this week’s rural crime update. Below you will find some advice ref rural crime in the County, should you have any feedback please contact me on the details below.
Keep your eyes peeled!

A dirty white Berlingo van has been seen on a few occasions in the vicinity of recent burglary non dwellings and trailer thefts. The vehicle has peeling high visibility stripes/chevrons similar to an ex highways vehicle. If you notice this vehicle please note its registration number and report to is on 101 or direct to DC Andy Brown on 07900 407106.
Farm Security

DC Andy Brown is now branching out into the farming community actively engaging & helping farmers protect their property and land from criminals.

This week Andy has visited several farms and is building bridges with the community, he wants to visit more of you though so please get in touch with him on the below details to arrange this! He will offer you some great advice to help protect your livelihoods and also how we can all share information that can ultimately lead to a reduction in rural crime.

If you have any concerns ref metal theft Andy is our metal theft coordinator and happy to help!
Please contact DC Andy Brown at or 07900 407106.
Rural Crime Press Releases

You may have heard C/Insp Nathan Clark on BBC Radio Norfolk Wednesday morning discussing the recent spate of burglary offences in South Norfolk. Below is the link to the podcast where you can have a listen and hear how you can help fight rural crime.
Trailer Thefts Increase

You will be aware of our advice in recent weeks to mark up your trailers as obviously as possible. Unfortunately we have seen an increase in trailer thefts and we again urge you to protect your property. Situate your trailers near to CCTV cameras or Wildlife cameras as this may assist us in capturing these offenders and returning your property to you. Secure barns and garages are not an active deterrent, cameras will greatly assist.

Please be vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles or persons to us immediately, obtaining a registration number of a vehicle will help us greatly.

Please consider welding the sides of your trailers highlighting your company name or post code for example, in a very obvious place. You could also consider etching or scratching in the same type of information. Please take photos of these markings so in the event of any theft we will have the evidence needed to reunite you with your property if it is found. Take the time this weekend to protect your trailers.


Rural crime updates

Please find information below regarding rural crime in Norfolk from 8th April – 14th April 2016, I am pleased to say there is little to report.

Burglary other than dwelling
Barningham – Unknown persons have entered an secure building and taken items used to care for cattle. There are no further lines of investigation at this time, the investigation has been filed.

Farm in South Norfolk – Unknown persons forced entry to a secure barn stealing a John Deree ride on lawn mower.

Runhall, South Norfolk – Unknown persons have stolen a John Deree utility vehicle from an insecure outbuilding.
Theft other
North Tuddenham – Unknown persons have stolen 100-200 gallons of red diesel from a storage tank. There are no further lines of investigation at this time, the investigation has been filed.
If you have any information in relation to the above incidents or you have information you would like to see on this newsletter please contact me on the details below

Should you have any concerns or information about rural crime do not hesitate to call us on 101, in an emergency please dial 999. Alternatively, if it is not urgent please forward me an email at
Wishing you all a safe weekend
T/Sgt 1494 Horton-Smith.

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