Buses from August 28th

Daniel Yellop, transport coordinator (North East and East) for Norfolk County Council just sent out the following email – presumably to those who provided feedback about bus services earlier this year. It seems that Anglian buses will be back on the Surlingham to Norwich route from August 28th. He says

<<Here is a update on bus service 85, 85A and 86.
Following a re-procurement exercise, the attached timetables are those that will be operated from August 28th.
The Service 85 will be operated by Anglian
The Service 85a and the 86 will be operated by Our Hire (also known as Our Bus)
Attached are timetables for the services.
Following requests from the passenger consultation in the spring, an evening and Sunday service were both something I looked to secure for the 85 service at a low cost, however, there were no bids received.
The Adult fares for the Service 85a and 86 will be set at £2 return and £1 single from any point, to any point on route, the fares on the service 85 will not exceed those that are charged now.
Timetables will be made available on the operators websites nearer to the change date.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Daniel Yellop
Transport Coordinator (North East & East)
Travel & Transport Services
01603 223956       >>>

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