Better Broadband for Surlingham-update

You may have noticed new green telecoms cabinets sprouting up on School Lane.  One came over the summer and another has just been installed.

You may have also spotted more ‘Openreach’ vans around Surlingham lately.  Openreach is BT’s infrastructure installation and management company that looks after the cabling and equipment for telephones and broadband.

Although, up until recently if you went on the better broadband for Norfolk (BBFN) website, there was no information about progress in our village.

So ‘’ have contacted the Councillor responsible for BBFN and have received an update on progress of broadband installation in Surlingham:

“Cabinet 1 (on the School side of School lane) was installed in Summer 2016.  Cabinet 2 (the Garage side) was installed in quarter 3 2016.  These cabinets will be live in 2017 and 2018.  BBFN phase 2 is now underway.  So far it is £10 million pounds under spent with £5 million rebate not spent in phase 1.  Therefore there is enough money in the pot.

By the end of October there will be a new website live.  To use this website, you enter your postcode and will see a colour coded response according to the speed of the available connection (in mega bits per second (Mbps))…

GREEN – a speed of 15Mbps or above available to some or all properties

AMBER – Some properties may already have access (to high speed broadband), but plans exist to cover all properties

GREY – plans exist for some properties, identifying which ones will be dependent on a detailed survey

RED – all properties have less then 15Mbps and there are no fibre plans.  In that case, information will be provided on the Basic Broadband Voucher Scheme (an alternative to land line broadband).”

It looks like Surlingham will, at least in part, have high speed broadband by the end of 2018.  In line with the Government’s targets.

But, my broadband speed has recently increased from 6Mbps to 11Mbps.  Something must be happening under the covers that is increasing the speed in advance of the major changes!


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