Closing date for community project funding applications: 28 Feb 17


Following the news article posted on 7th November, there is still a bit of time left to put in an application for a share of the proceeds from the 2016 Surlingham Festival. Funds are available to local groups and projects that will provide new & improved community activities and facilities.

It would be wonderful to hear from someone who wants to, for example, start a new group, or plant up a piece of land, paint the bus stop, help the choir, scouts, playgroup, mentor a youngster, look after the elderly, etc, etc! – all applications welcome!

To enable the Festival Committee to look at & consider all applications for community funding consistently and to make sure the correct records are held, we have put together this simple application form.

So if you have a community group or project that you need some monies for, please fill in the application form and either post it or email it to Nick Francis, Festival Committee Treasurer (Nick’s details are on the form).


Thank you.

Surlingham Festival Committee



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