Bulk oil buying syndicate

Affinity Thinking Fuel – some clarification of the earlier post and how to register

The earlier post was directed towards those in the village who have ALREADY registered for this oil-buying scheme. The scheme was originally offered, under another name, under the auspices of ‘Norfolk RCC’.

The scheme is now operated by Affinity Fuel, who are working with Community Action Norfolk, a charity merged from Norfolk RCC and another organisation and funded by Norfolk County Council. It is a bulk oil-buying scheme, whereby Affiinity negotiate the best possible prices for syndicates.

New members can join Surlingham’s syndicate. To register, you should (according to Affinity) phone Community Action Norfolk on 01362 698216. You will then be able to order oil according to the schedule in yesterday’s post.

Information received from Patrick at Affinity Fuel today.

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