Did somebody say cake?… again?

*Enter funny joke here*
Usually I am a whirlwind of humour, whit flying off at every direction. However today I couldn’t think of a cake based joke. I know, and there are thousands out there, there must be. Plus why dont you just pinch one off the internet like you usually do you may ask. Pffft. You are too smart for me.

Back to the shop. We have some great things in for you this bank holiday weekend. Spring greens were very popular last week. I bought some myself. Fried them with ginger, garlic and dash of soy sauce. Beautiful as a side dish.
Asparagus is in fresh today as well and only £2.80 a bunch as we are getting into full swing of the season and supply now. More choccy in from Gnaw as that flies off, more ice creams to enjoy, cake (make clear by the huge picture) which is coffee this week, to go with your cup of filter coffee… or tea. Or have a glass of milk with it. Up to you, we just dont have any milk so you will have to bring your own… or get them out of those tiny little milk cups.

Anyways… Brays pork pies, eggs, bacon, yogurts, fresh chicken breasts, thighs, sausage meat chorizo and sausages in the fridge.

And finally, though really I should have mentioned it first, we have new branding and a new website! www.yarevalley.com. Here you can see the beef, the oils, the shop and soon to be about the pool. We will be taking orders for the oil week commencing 8th May, we are just getting everything ready, but as for now have a good old look and let us know what you think.

In regards to the shop as we develop we would love to involve you as much as possible and the comments page has been very helpful, but do click HERE if you have any comments you would like to let us know about regarding the shop so we can aim to improve it for you. No requests for golden tea spoons or a unicorn to greet you at the door please as I have no idea where I would get a golden spoon from and unicorns do not work bank holiday weekends… everyone knows that.

From all of us at the farm we hope to see you down in some form and do have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend whether you are working or free as a bird.

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