Missing norwegian cat – needs medication

This is a repeat appeal – but the owner is thinks this cat may have managed to survive this long on their own, but will be becoming less and less healthy without medication. So if you may have seen him, please do get in touch.
Large, placid, fluffy, brown tabby, neutered male, 5 years 6 months, pale muzzle and chin, with very long thick dark tail, carried low like a fox. Distinctive appearance, wide triangular head, large hairy ears, long straight nose, almond shaped green eyes.
Was wearing a Seresto grey rubber flea collar, fitted with a translucent pocket and Loc8Tor tracker, when last seen. His health is fragile, and we need him back to give him the right medication. If he’s come to grief, then at least we’d like to know.
Any sightings, please call Sarah and Dennis: 01508 480298 or text a photo to: 074341 130675 (infrequent signal, so best to call landline first, please).
Information received from Sarah Passingham18836052_1220143664781828_5629401760482719696_n
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