Yes, we genuinely typed in’Funny Jokes’ into Google and this came up top. Now, as funny as our jokes are, let us save you from any more and let you know the things we have in for you this weekend. Plus at the bottom, a rather tasty recipe using our farm shop ingredients.

Sadly Angus the farm dog is not for sale. Though after he constantly seems to decide to sunbathe in the most random of places we could be open to offers. That is a joke… Will would kill me.

Now, for the important stuff. We have some great goodies of interest this weekend including:
Cake, free local magazines, mint choc chip ice cream ( yes I thought it was crazy too, but someone asked for it in the comments book and we do listen, though I am still looking for that unicorn dust someone else asked for…) peanut butter ice cream, French Beans, salad, courgettes and cucumbers from down the road (yes I knew Edinburgh is technically ‘down the road’, but Bramerton is not that far), strawberries, raspberries, new potatoes, cauliflowers, bramley apples, runny and set honey, spices and herb rack, onions, pork pies and sausage rolls.

Milk! I nearly forgot about the milk. Pointens in Norfolk do wonderful yogurt, but also milk. As it is not pumped full of non milk related things and is fresh as a daisy it only has a few days shelf life on it, but well worth enjoying whilst you can. This will be trialled in the shop as a few of you have asked for it and will be in the shop later on today. Its success is down to you. We are also looking at getting a new freezer to have local frozen from fresh bread that you will simply have to defrost and use as normal so you can get your everyday essentials. Let us know your thoughts or anything else you may like to see in the shop here. Be as brutal as you like, your comments are what help us to keep you happy and get you what you like.

Our hay bales are now ready. if you would like to order them or know of anyone who would just let us know. We have plenty. There are £4 each, but after your 4th bale we will only charge £3.50. Delivery is also a possibility depending on quantity ordered and subject to courier charge. Let us know by clicking here or calling 01508 538206. We can also lift into your vehicle for you, just ask and you shall receive. They are 1m x 0.5m in size.

Our new Yare Valley assurance stickers mean that if you see the sticker/logo on the product like our oils, beef, pork, potatoes etc you can guarantee that it has been produced by us at the highest possible quality for you.

Remember we are open all day everyday 8am-9pm inc bank hols and weekends. Whether you need the right mix to make a meal, want a Norfolk gift for a loved one or simply want to rest your feet on a walk/ cycle the shop can cater for your needs. What better way to spend an hour sitting in the beautiful surroundings of the Yare Valley with a cuppa and slice of cake in hand.

Simple Bacon and Courgette Pasta with salad and Green/French Beans Recipe
For 3-4 people:

Prep: 5mins Cooking Time: 15mins
You will Need (all available from the shop):

1x bag of mixed salad
1x bottle Norfolk Vinaigrette
1xtbsp of cold pressed rapeseed oil ( Yare Valley… of course!)
1xonion diced
300g dried pasta fusilli is perfect
1x courgette sliced
1x tin of chopped tomatoes
1x chillis galore lemon drop chilli jam/ or dried chilli flakes/powder
1xtbsp apple cyder vinegar
1xpack of bacon smoked or unsmoked cut into cubes (I find scissors work best)
1xpack of cut French beans
some fresh/ dried parsley
some Norfolk dapple/ smoked Norfolk Dapple grated.


Bring a pan of water to the boil. Add your pasta and boil for 5-6 minutes or until slightly firm to the bite (al dente) then drain and cover.
In a frying pan pour in your rapeseed oil and then add your bacon pieces and fry for a couple of minutes. Add the onions (a crushed clove of garlic would go in a treat here too). Sweat onions down and then add your courgette. Pour the apple cyder vinegar over and stir in. Take a heaped tea spoon of the chillis galore lemon drop jam (it just has a wonderful mellow heat and sweetness) or sprinkle of your chilli of choice and again stir in. Season with some pepper. Now pour in your chopped tomatoes and place on low hear for 10 minutes. Whilst it is reducing either boil or steam your green beans for a few minutes and place in a serving dish. In another serving bowl put your mixed salad and drizzle over your Yare Valley Norfolk Vinaigrette. Now take your pasta and pour into your sauce and stire for a couple of minutes to allow the pasta to absorb some of the flavour. If using dried parsley sprinkle some into and stir in for a wonderful finish. Add finished pasta to a large serving bowl (garnish with fresh parsley if not using dried, or use both) alongside a bowl of your grated grated cheese of choice.

Works as a wonderful way to share a nice selection of summer treats.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend all from everyone here at the farm.

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