Newness to the shop!

You are in luck. I cant think of any jokes off the top of my head this week. Oh no wait… What did one ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, they just waved. And that one was just off the top of the head. Anyways, just a quick update and pics of the big changes below.

When you pop into the farm shop you will see we have moved a few things around. The veg stand is the middle and we have a new freezer. This is now full of icecream (and lots of it), Bread we have frozen from fresh and ready meals.

No the bread is no ordinary bread (including organic brown and white and sourdough). It is from the Dozen Artisan bakery in Norwich and has been bought fresh then frozen straight away. This means all you have to do is take it home and continue freezing it in your freezer until you want it and then when you wish to devour said bread simply leave out to defrost as you would and eat as it is as it has already been cooked. If you are in a real rush to get your teeth into it and cant wait an hour or two, microwaving is very much an option too. We even have pain de chocolates, and croissants which are utterly delicious and wouldn’t go a miss under the grill or heated in microwave with hot butter and jam… I shall stop there. Not only are the ready meals local and delicious but can be a great accompaniment to your cooking or a whole meal in itself.

The other freezer will then be dedicated to our farm reared and other local meats, with fish soon to come.
The fridge has the naughty choccy brownies in it that fly off (with the weight of them I am surprised they can get in the air). Anyways, everything is stocked up for this weekend so do pop in and see the changes if you get a chance.

Have a wonderful weekend all.

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