No. Not quite winter yet. And we have some great goodies in!

Quick! To the Batmobile!

Nice to see the sun out again, and be a bit warmer. I even spotted a swimmer earlier running around the pool car park in their swim shorts. Had it been last week they would have frozen to death.
Perhaps I should have wondered more why they were running around the car park half naked… but these things happen.

Back to the shop! We have lots more in the weekend. Fresh veg delivered today in the form of romanesques (prickly cauliflower looking things that taste wonderful and will get the kids interested in their greens we promise), cabbages, fresh local and huge sweetcorn for only 55p each, onions, cauliflowers, leeks, courgettes (the round ones are great for stuffing), leeks, carrots, french beans, kale, spinach, mixed salad and more.

Double yolkers have also arrived in today as well as much more cheese and a new marsh pig jerky flavour. Sausage rolls are here if you fancy a sit down, cuppa and a nibble and on Sunday we have asked for some fresh cake to be delivered. we asked for something ‘Choccy’ so watch out.

For meats we have fresh chicken thighs and breasts, pork chops, bacon, sausages and a wonderful array of frozen farm reared beef in the form of mince, steaks, stewing steaks (as it gets a bit colder for those stews etc), our award winning oils and usual dried good suspects ready to help you create that culinary masterpiece.

So if you are about (or even if you are not about) this weekend pop in for a rest on your walk, to get some wonderful Norfolk produce and to make a slap up dinner with some very tasty goodies.

P.s our much loved spuds are now being harvested from our fields as we speak and should be in the shop in the next few days. 12.5kgs of delicious Surlingham spuds for £3.50. Now you cannot go wrong with that.

See you soon and have a wonderful weekend from everyone here at the farm

p.s early Christmas joke: Did you hear about the mass snowman grave they found? Turns out it was just a field of carrots. Boom Boom!

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