Everything you ever needed to know… ish

I started writing an long email with one liners, wonderful images and just endless whit, which naturally ozzes from every pour of my being.

However. I thought. Why should we do all the work.

Like always, we have a huuuuge array of wonderful goodies for such a small farm shop. (Including local butter, bacon, gammon, fresh veg, eggs and even hommade pecan pie that smells amazing).
You know it is all worth coming to see. You know we are open every single day from 8am until 9pm every single day including bank holidays and weekends.

It is Friday. What you really want is a proper joke. One that will have you telling it to your friends this weekend as many of us seem to have lost the art of story telling. And if you dont find this joke funny then quite simply we would rather just not have you in the shop any ways.

Here goes…

Two ramblers are walking through the woods when they come across a hole. They look down and can’t see the bottom. They wonder how deep it is and go looking for something to throw down the hole.

They see a rusty old anvil and throw it down the hole. The hole is so deep they never hear it hit the bottom.

Suddenly, they hear rustling leaves behind them and a galloping sound. A goat goes flying past them straight into the hole. They are pretty astonished.

Then they hear a guy calling out for his goat. He sees the two ramblers and one says, “I’m sorry, but if you’re looking for your goat he just ran into this bottomless hole.”

“That’s impossible.” The man says. ”I tied him to an anvil.”

Have a wonderful weekend all 😉

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