Cyclists – Please make a noise!

As you cycle around the village please be considerate of other roadusers if you startle a pedestrian young or old, dog walker, parent pushing a buggy or walking with a toddler you may cause injury to you both.

The Highway Code recommends that you fit a bell or some other device to your bicycle to alert pedestrians that you are approaching.

When approaching pedestrians reduce your speed and if you do not have a bell or something similar, then call out to make them aware that you are there.

Consider that they may be hearing or visually impaired, listening to an ipod or mobile phone, or just not able to react quickly to you bearing down upon them. That person’s dog may be off lead or could just decide to cross your path to sniff a tasty morsel on the otherside of the road!

Motorists are told to ‘Think Bike’ cyclists need to ‘Think Pedestrian’

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