Chris Who?

Only joking. Christmas. Yes Christmas. Come this time of year you can’t move for adverts, talk of tasty treats and people wanting your hard earned cash. And we are no different.
Except we are a self service farm shop, so we don’t even have to force a smile at you during money transactions. We just have to write silly emails that are clearly written by someone with too much time of their hands every once in a while.

Apparently a couple of years ago there was some sort of vote. About what I am not too sure as there does not seem to be much coverage of it on the news. Perhaps this is what we should be focusing on. Not giving gifts, sharing time with loved ones and enjoying every moment we are given on this beautiful earth….

Now to the serious important stuff. The Christmas Trees have arrived! They are well priced and in super condition and waiting for a home. Just don’t leave it in your house until April like I did one year. Nightmare to move with needles everywhere and apparently the Easter Bunny wont eat it.

The farm shop is fully laden with goodies this weekend. So much so that we had to reinforce to floors to hold the weight of treats.
Sprouts too. And dont go ‘awwwww, sprouts.’ Yes sprouts. For some reason you boil them to death until they become a mushy pulp once a year then moan how horrid they are and turn your back on them another year before you force them down you yet again out of some kind of ritual necessity. Well let us tell you. They are blooming delicious. Steam them, roast them raw with some rapeseed oil and crispy bacon and few sliced almonds… or pretend you are a giant and have a round of golf.

We have our oil, our beef, potatoes, mayo, choccy (someone asked for dark chocolate in the comments box so we listened, sadly to the person who asked for 30 degrees C in January we just don’t have those kinds of powers yet), olives, pate, bacon, veg, eggs (even double yolkers) game, a superb patisserie open 10am-5pm this weekend.

Hold on… my fingers are getting tired. You have had enough reading. Let’s just stop this charade. Get on down, swing on by, pop on it, drop to us or whatever the cool kids say. Ana and Joaquim will be happy to see you in the Patisserie, we would love to have you and the Christmas trees are getting cold outside wrapped in a net like a chubby burglar wearing his girlfriend’s tights on his head.

And if you don’t fancy walking past your front door this weekend or in the run up to Christmas or live a week or two away from here (like in Diss or Swaffham) you can order our beef (seriously great beef box options) Cold pressed Rapeseed Oils, Dressing, Marinades and Sauces and lip soothing Natural Balms online to have them delivered directly to you and luckily for you… not by me.

Just click HERE

Have a lovely weekend from us all at the farm you wonderful wonderful people you.

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