Recycling, Gritting and Highway Repairs

Posted on behalf of County and District Councillor Vic Thomson

Did you know that 1 in every 5 recycling trucks in Norfolk is contaminated as people are putting the “wrong things” in their recycle bins. Since “Blue Planet” people are recycling more but still recycling some of the wrong things.

This time of the year produces even more packaging! Scrunch Test it to sort it.

If you screw it up and it stays in a ball – RECYCLE.

If it bounces back then its not recyclable and goes in household waste

If it contains foil or glitter or has sticky tape on it you can’t recyle that either

If in doubt, check it out here

If the reindeers are finding it slippery, you can check which roads are on the council’s gritting routes for the 2018/19 season on the map click here. On the same map people can find the locations of around 1,900 grit bins in the county that are filled by the County Council and which the public can use on public pavements, cycle paths and roads.

Need to report a highways defect? Then click here











Opening times for recycling centres over Christmas? click here


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