Surlingham Parish Council – Draft Minutes of 21 January 2020


Minutes of the 21 January 2020 (Draft)

Present: Councillors Richard Atkins, William Mack, Philip Reeve, Pat Scowen, Michael Stiff, David Swinborne, Clerk Janet Rogers, District and County Councillor Vic Thomson and 7 members of the public

  1. Welcome by the Chairman
  2. Apologies and approval of absences – None
  3. Declarations of Interest – None
  4. To approve as accurate the minutes of the meeting on 17 December 2019 Amendment – Councillor Atkins asked for the following amendment: Item 9 Footpath F1 Update RA – The proposed solution is for a new permissive path agreement between the landowner and the Parish Council. The Broads Authority (BA) have offered to help facilitate this and to help with the works certificate which will be required before work can take place on the bank. Fund raising for the materials required to reinstate and protect the path on its current route will commence in the new year. It has been agreed that the initiative to protect this path will be undertaken independently of the wider ongoing discussions on the Wherryman’s Way.
  1. Matters arising from the minutes;
    1. Item 10 Management of water flow at Staithe – Councillor Reeve circulated maps of the drainage ditches along Ferry Road and the Staithe. Flooding occurs because the ditches are blocked and they cannot drain before the next tide comes in. The landlady of the Ferry House advised that the Environment Agency had been to look at the area around the public house. Councillor Thomson advised that he would arrange a meeting of all the relevant agencies and the parish council to find a solution.
    2. Item 11 Proposals for the Staithe – The Clerk advised that the post on the website had been viewed 174 times and to date she had received 9 emails all positive and with several questions about cost and maintenance etc. There had also been one offer of help with reed clearance. Councillor Broom had been handed various documentation relevant to the staithe which would be circulated to the councillors. The outcome of the consultation will be discussed at the next meeting to give all residents interested time to respond
  2. Progress report for information on items not on the Agenda: Councillors/Clerk. NCC Wherryman’s Way Meeting on 9 January 2019 Councillor Broom explained the trails team set the meeting to show their projects and achievements whilst taking onboard comments and explaining the boundaries they must work within. There was a power point presentation and posters and the officer talked about how much the footpaths bring to the local economy as well as making them more accessible. Councillor Scowen thanked Mrs S Broom and Ms A Seal for providing the refreshments. One resident referred to Footpath 1 The agreement for the Permissive path to the Ferry House has expired and no longer forms part of the ‘Wherryman’s Way’ contrary to NCC publications. Surlingham Parish Councillor Atkins suggested the way forward with Footpath1 could be for the Parish Council to enter into an agreement with the landowner. Councillor Atkins disputes Norfolk County Council’s claim that the original path has been lost to the river and he has opened an enquiry asking them to investigate further into that claim.
  1. To receive reports from the County and District Councillor. County and District councillor Vic Thomson’s combined reports are attached and have been posted on
  2. Public Question Time not exceeding 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting. Questions and comments were concerned with speeding and asked why Surlingham did not have a speed-watch team? Could the school children wear florescent jackets so they can be seen and be safe? It’s older children that need to use them too.
  3. Speed Activated Monitor – Councillor Broom stated that the Parish Council takes speeding seriously and has spent £300 on repairs and batteries this year. Councillors Broom and Mack will take responsibility for moving and downloading the data from each location. The results will be posted on Councillor Broom asked that a Speed Watch representative be invited to the next meeting to explain how it works, training and equipment etc
  4. Play Park outcome of Councillors meeting at the park – Councillors had not managed to meet they agreed to do so Saturday 1 February 2020 at 09:00 and assess what work is required. The clerk was waiting for a quote for the metal swings. Councillor Stiff to provide a link for clerk so the post caps can be ordered
  5. Litter Pick – Councillor Atkins has arranged the Litter Pick for 18 April 2020. Meet at the St Mary’s church at 10:30. In the past there had been two litter picks with the Surlingham ‘leg’ being organised by Mrs Barbara Rix. Councillor Reeve paid tribute to Mrs Rix who had arranged the litter pick for many years. Councillor Atkins hoped she would continue to attend. Hot drinks and cakes will be provided by the Ferry House.
  6. Pond – Tree management – Councillor Broom has removed the 2 trees one of which had fallen into the road and the other that had fallen into the pond at no expense to the parish
  7. Footpath – See item 6
  8. Notice Board Ferry Road – The noticeboard needs repairing. Councillor Swinborne volunteered deal with it. He also confirmed he had fitted the key cabinet in the hall. – Action Clerk to arrange for adequate keys to be cut, distribute and collect surplus keys from keyholders. Key holders will only need keys for the street door and key cabinet.
  9. Maintenance Plan – Not to be progressed
  10. Finance
    1. Approve Quarterly Statement to 31 December 2019 – Approved
    2. To authorise payments/cheques: Clerk Salary £295.95, Household Expenses £15.15, Travel £7.20. Booking clerk/cleaner £105, Expenses £4.95, Flameskill £120.36, Weekly Dog Bin Service for 3 Bins £258.66. NPFA annual subscription £20. Subscriptions: Microsoft Office £59.99. McAfee security software £89.99
  11. Correspondence – Resident posed a planning question. Clerk referred the resident to SNDC as the planning authority to respond. SAMs posts are rusting and request for additional post – NCC Highways engineer has been notified and will investigate. Parish Council has already debated the additional post. See also items 8 & 9 above. Emails (For Councillors information only) – 37 circulated this period
  12. To note items for inclusion on the next council agenda Speed-watch, Play-Park. Footpath 1 update, feedback from Staithe consultation.
  13. To confirm the date of the next meeting 17 March 2020
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