Climate Emergency

We hope you are aware that a meeting was held in December, addressed by Professor Tim O’Riorden, who as President of Norfolk Association of Local Councils is encouraging and supporting parish council that want to see action help reduce the impact of climate chaos.

Tim stated that the proof of climate chaos can now be seen with the turbulence. He said it is only just beginning, cannot be stopped but can be reduced. This needs to be done in the next decade 2020 to 2030. He then gave 4 areas of action:

Net Zero (https://.net/briefings/net-zero/net-zero-why)

  1. Need to get to this as soon as possible. To achieve this needs revolution and transformation. Need to reduce gas production and increase absorption. He talked about taxing carbon, methane producing animals and helping the Earth swallow this carbon.
  2. Enhancing the natural world We are losing nature. Tim believes that every young person should have 1 hour per day with the natural world and that schools should be sensitised to nature.
  3. Well being We need to have a society that gives people purpose, overcome worthlessness and help their mental health. Loneliness is not the same as solitude. He said many are bereft of a feeling of belonging.
  4. Society Tim believes we need a different society, one where the young and old mix. The current economics and politics are antagonistic to Net Zero.

Tim then outlined what projects NALC ( are currently engaged in.

  1. Every parish to plant trees (2K available) ideally in a nature enhancing ‘safe’ area, could create parish woodland.
  2. Electric Charging Points – ideally in every village. Electric bus with solar maybe, within the next ten years.
  3. Planning – every planning permission where parking is involved to have a charging point.
  4. Working with house builders. Powerfully designed homes, which are affordable. NALC want every parish to start this process. If every village had a good example of building then seeing examples would help understanding.

Tim ended by stating:

We can’t afford to wait; there is a lot we can do, and if it is done with other people this is much better and a world of compassion has been entered.

44 people from South Yare area attend, including councillors for the three local parishes. 32 asked to be get informed and 32 have volunteered to be active.


An action group met in January.

Notes from the second ‘Climate meeting held on Tuesday 28th January 2020 at 7:30 pm at the Margaret Mack Hall in Rockland St Mary

The name of the group.  Briefly discussed and it was suggested that members come up with suggestions for next meeting. The meeting encourages other to join, it will have a rotating chair and be led by those planning activity and hear and track our progress.

  • Research into what a carbon audit is and possible achievable methodology.
  • Investigating local recycling and possible gains.
  • Contacting local schools, and possibly involving the students in projects or at least ensuring the message is passed on.
  • Possible compiling a list of local kerbside recyclables and a list of local recycling facilities.
  • Setting up and maintaining a social media presence.
  • Ensuring the group is represented at Local Parish Council meetings, and keeps a regular slot in the Eleven Says paper – perhaps the chair of each meeting could be responsible for preparing a paragraph or two for the edition after his/her meeting?
  • Participation and promotion of local environmental events e.g. litter picking
  • Preparing a list of local resources – farm shops, village stores/post offices, perhaps even regular kerbside sellers of plants, vegetables, eggs etc.
  • Consider the preparation of a common educational resource for pop-up stalls at local fairs and events.

If you like to join us our next meeting is 7.30pm Monday 2nd March at the Margaret Mack Hall, School Lane, Rockland St Mary

Philip Halstead

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