No Retreats at Padmaloka for the Time Being

We’ve taken the decision to stop hosting retreats and guests at Padmaloka until the end of June, this hasn’t been an easy decision to come to and does, of course, come at a significant cost to the charity, but in the context of the challenges faced by the whole world at the moment, this seems a small sacrifice, not least in terms of contributing to helping slow the spread of coronavirus. Whilst levels of coronavirus are still very low in Norfolk, given than many of those who come on retreat at Padmaloka travel here from outside the county, continuing as normal has not been an option for us even with enhanced hygiene efforts.

The process of contacting all those who were booked onto our retreats over the coming months and issuing them with refunds will be a time-consuming process, but once complete the resident community here will be looking to help with the efforts in the village to support the elderly and vulnerable residents, which in case you missed it, can be read about here:

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