Coldham Hall

We at Coldham Hall would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has shown real community support over the last few days, from everyone who has come down and had a drink or bought gift cards to those who have simply rung up to make sure we are doing okay, it all means so much to myself and all the staff here. 

We are currently organising a delivery for the end of the week with one of our main catering suppliers to bring in essentials, stocking us with plenty of the everyday items the supermarkets are starting to struggle with. We are happy to deliver around the area with anything that can help at this time, be it cooked meals or supplies. If we can, we will help. In the meantime if anyone is struggling for their supplies, call us! We may have somethings in stock already so please call! 

I will always be onsite, so regardless of the pub being open the supplies will still be available and deliverable and unfortunately ill have the time to help!

The pub is still open and shall remain so until we are forced to close. Having kept the upmost hygiene and asking anyone coming to take there own precautions we feel we are still a safe environment, but we must stress that the last thing we want is to spread anything further, so anyone who feels they must support a local business but cant take the risk, please don’t feel obliged!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has shown the support. We can’t thank you enough.  

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Coldham Hall 

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