Important Notice Teles Patisserie

We listen very closely to what the Government want us all to do to stay safe and beat this virus.
We shall continue open as we produce essential food but with several restrictions we have already put in place. So when coming down to us please follow these simple steps:
– see if there is someone already in the shop as we limit the entry of one person at a time;
– once you come in please use the sanitizer we placed at the counter;
– do not place anything on the counter (bag, wallet…);
– order your goods;
– we encourage payment with contactless;
– wait until your order is taken on the counter we indicate so you collect it there;
– while queueing please keep your distance of 2 meters from the next customer;
– everything you collect is to take away;

If you are unable to leave your house, please ring us on 01508538892 and we will deliver your order within a 5 miles radius. We deliver everything from bread, cakes, soup and light meals (see menu). All deliveries happen after 4 when we close the shop.

We are doing all this to be able to help the community with essential/basic food. If there is anything you need and you can’t leave your house please contact us as we can do it for you. Happy to help everyone even if this is walk the dog or go to the post office.
We all need to follow these simple guidelines to be able to enjoy our fabulous courtyard in the future.


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