Teles Patisserie

In these challenging times, we, as bakers, feel the responsibility of feeding everyone. But beyond that we are trying to help as many people as we can either with our order and delivery system or doing shopping for those who can’t or just ring to check on people. Every little help counts even if it’s a voice on the other side of the phone.
Thinking of this, we thought we need to thank the NHS for the outstanding job they have been doing for all of us. And because reaching the hospital is in itself not an easy task, we thought we should support our surgery. So over the weekend and until Wednesday we are trying to have a huge box of goodies to take to the surgery (Heathgate this time)as a gesture of appreciation. Even surgeries lack things such as toilet roll or gloves and even fruit tea and coffee for nurses doctors and staff. We know it’s hard times for all but can’t we all give something to the NHS? If you have something extra, we are collecting goods at the patisserie. Thank you for your kindness.

In the meantime, our system of orders, collection, take away and deliveries are still in place. Be aware that we are only doing baked goods (bread and cakes), some light meals and soup for those who can’t leave the house or if there is a birthday around we can deliver a cake too.

Stay safe everyone!
Joaquim & Ana Teles

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