Norfolk Police are urging people to stay at home over the Easter weekend as most Norfolk residents continue to listen to government advice to help protect the NHS.

Last weekend, despite many people staying home and staying safe, Norfolk Police still received more than 300 calls concerning members of the public ignoring Government guidelines around social distancing and non-essential travel.

As a result, 109 warnings were issued, along with 16 summons for breach of health order.

Officers are also asking those who are taking advantage of exercise, or walking dogs, to be considerate of private land and to keep to public roads and pathways.

Officers will continue to reassure, inform and engage with people so they understand why these restrictions are in place.

Simon Bailey, Chief Constable of Norfolk Constabulary, said: “I would like to thank the vast majority of people who have been adhering to the guidelines; however, we know a small minority have not.

“I understand it will be difficult for communities this weekend, especially as many of us would have been planning to get together with friends and relatives – but it is vital people understand that this is a public health emergency, not a public holiday.

“Right now, our priority is to protect local communities and social distancing will only be effective if we all work together and follow the same advice to stay at home. No one person is immune to this situation and the restrictions are in place to prevent the spread of the disease, protect the NHS and help save lives.”

“The message is simple – stay safe and stay home.”

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