Surlingham Parish Council – Draft Minutes of 19 May 2020


Minutes of the virtual meeting held on Tuesday 19 May 2020 at 7:30p.m

Attending: Councillors John Broom, Richard Atkins, Will Mack, Pat Scowen, Mike Stiff, Phil Reeve, Dave Swinborne, Clerk Janet Rogers and one member of the public. County and District Councillor Vic Thomson joined the meeting later

  1. Chairman John Broom opened the meeting and welcomed all participants
  2. Apologies and approval of absences – Councillor Thomson would join later as he had a prior engagement.
  3. Declarations of Interest – None
  4. To approve as accurate the minutes of the meeting on 21 April 2020 – Approved
  5. Matters arising from those minutes – Item 6 Play park swing. Councillors asked Clerk for an update on possible delivery. Item 12 Speed awareness machine. It was thought the machine could be removed by one person. Councillor Broom to remove it and advise the Clerk when the data can be downloaded. Item 14 Footpath 4, Clerk asked the Chairman if the meeting had been arranged with NCC item 14. As it had not the Chairman asked the Clerk if she would make the arrangements.
  6. Progress reports Councillors/Clerk – Jes Atkins donation of £150 from the Litter Pick prize has been paid by SNDC. This amount will be ringfenced to be used for repairs to the footpath. First instalment of the precept has been paid £3819. The accounts for 2019/20 are with ADEPTA. Parish Hall energy supplier SSE has agreed to a reduction in the standing order while lockdown is in place. When the next bill is received Clerk will read the school meter and invoice them accordingly.
  7. Motion to restrict Vehicular access to The Staithe – A lifting of the lockdown restrictions had seen more traffic using the Loke to the Staithe. Clerk had also received an email from a resident concerned at the number and speed of those vehicles. After discussion it was proposed that the use of the Staithe be restricted to use by parishioners only and permission to be given if vehicular access was required.
  8. To receive reports from the County and District Councillor – Councillor Thomson joined the meeting and commended both staff and the many volunteers helping to support residents throughout the County and within the villages. He said the response had been outstanding. Both the authorities have been affected and work originally planned will be delayed due to resources being redirected to address Corvid19. NCC The Mobile Library has started a new scheme for parish clerks to sign their respective parishes up to become a ‘Parish Friend of the Mobile Library’– ultimately the parish will be entered into a league table with the other parishes which join. Parishes will be recorded alongside their book issues and at the end of the year the parish with the highest amount of book issues will win the ‘Parish Friends Cup’ which they can keep for most of the following year. We hope that this will foster some friendly competition and help encourage parishioners to visit the Mobile Library and see what we have to offer. The parishioners need only to visit the Mobile Library and borrow/return books to us to help their parish win the Cup. Young Carers Campaign A new campaign aimed at Norfolk’s young carers launches on Monday 18th Led by Norfolk Safeguarding Children Board, Heroes at Home recognises the vital role young people play in supporting their loved ones at home and highlights the range of support available to help them. Locally I Have agreement to extend 30 MPH limit up to the top of the hill on Bramerton Road BUT I am not sure if I have my highways grant. SNDC Helping residents Our Help Hub continues to be busy with 50 food drops this week and although the average number of calls has reduced from 500 to 400 the issues that we are being asked to help with have become increasingly complex.  Helping Businesses We are continuing to try and contact our local businesses that have not come forward to claim a grant. We are phoning, emailing, and writing to companies and we sent a press release asking local businesses to contact us to claim their money.
  9. Finance
    1.   Approve Renewal of Parish Council Insurance via BHIB Brokers with AVIVA – Approved
    2. Donation to NARS – Approved
    3. Authorise Payments – Insurance renewal BHIB £558.80, R Hardingham £105, J Rogers £296.15, Household expenses £15.15, Travel £10.35, Ink Cartridges £19.99 Zoom £14.39.
  1. Further discussion/comment to RSPB re Coldham Hall flooding – Clerk reported no further correspondence with RSPB.
  2. Correspondence: BHIB considers risk re closure of Play Parks – Councillors agreed to continue with Government guidance and keep the play park closed. Number of emails circulated to councillors up to 12 May 2020 – 31
  3. Items for inclusion on the next council agenda – Review and revise Standing order to accommodate virtual meetings. Clerk to circulate current and recommended changes.
  4. The date of the next meeting 16 June 2020.

The meeting closed at 20:30

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