Travelling on the A146 to join the A47 West Bound – Change of Lane Priorities

Message from Councillor Vic Thomson

There is a new road layout between the junction with the B1332 (Bungay Road) and the junction of the A47


Previously as you passed through the traffic lights (B1332) there were 3 lanes all going to Norwich and further on a slip road going onto the A47 West.

The lane priority has now been changed and the left lane is specifically for traffic going to the A47 West. If you want to go to Norwich, then you should not be in the inside lane.

Currently the new priority road markings are very near to the A47 and not immediately obvious when just going through the traffic lights (B1332).

Further road painting will have an extra A47 W sign much nearer to the trafiic lights (B1332), alerting Norwich traffic much earlier about the lane priority

Be aware and stay safe.

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