Food glorious food

What a week of weather! Sun, sun, heat, hot, hooooot and then rain, slight cool, then sweaty, hot hot.

Welcome to Yare Valley Weather Pastcast. For all your ‘We know you idiot, we were there’ information needs

Ooooh, before we forget. Lots of ice cream in, it may rain, but at least you can scoff a delicious treat whilst it does so, lots of oven ready pizzas, choccys, treats, cheeses, frozen tasty meats and fresh milk just in. And still grab those apples from our trees outside the pool whether you be making cider or applejuice or love a lovely crunch. Kitchen cupboard essential and much much more.

Have a super weekend whatever you do. If you need to know what the weather was like yesterday, unfortunately I have already forgotten, but great food we do have.

Love from the wild side


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