An Update on Retreats at Padmaloka

For the past four months now we have been running online retreats for Buddhists across UK and Europe, and sometimes the world, using the online conferencing tool ‘Zoom’, as well live-streaming on YouTube. They have been largely successful and have allowed us to continue to reach out to those practising Buddhism in our movement.

Starting this Friday we will be hosting a 6 day residential retreat, in which there will be 10 men physically coming on retreat here at Padmaloka. We’ve spent the last few weeks putting together a risk assessment as well as rigorous hygiene and distancing protocals to ensure that neither we nor the retreatants will pass on infections to one another. One of these protocols is that the the men coming on retreat here will not leave the premesis for the duration of the retreat, so they won’t be walking around the village as usual. They have also been asked to use private transportation where possible when coming to and from the retreat.

We have a programme of another 5 retreats similar to this coming up later in the year, each with a limit of 12 persons attending. We are closely monitoring the updates from the Government and will be adjusting our plans as necessary.

Best Wishes,


Retreat Centre Manager




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