Yare Valley Farm Shop. Beef + so much more Just in!

Happy Friday All!! 

BEEF is now back in the fridge at the Farm Shop! We’ve got loads of delicious goodies from stewing steak, short rib and joints – to lots of delicious steaks and burgers! 

Don’t forget that we are still doing the ‘2 for £5’ deal on our packs of mince – frozen or fresh! 

We’ve taken on board lots of your feedback from the questionnaire a few weeks back and have made some changes in the Shop:  

1. The minimum payment for card is now £5.

2. We have fresh bread delivered from Hempnall Village Bakery every Wednesday and Saturday morning. If there is not any on the counter, there will be some frozen fresh in the freezer in front of the veg stand.

3. We’ll have a larger range of cheese available after our delivery today.

4. We now have a wider selection of meat in the fridge and freezer, including various game, chicken breast, lamb leg joints, turkey mince, chicken thigh, pork chop… and more!
Also… we wanted to let you know that we have just won TWO Great Taste Awards! Firstly for our Original Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (its second award after winning previously in 2015) and for our Pesto sauce! 
These are both available in the Farm Shop of course…

If you have any questions anytime just drop us a line on 01508 538206 or email info@yarevalleyoils.co.uk

Never mind the rain, Summer is a state of mind as someone once said, big waves and smiles from everyone at the farm, we hope to see you soon… or not… as its a self service shop… but you get what we mean…

… I wonder how many more ‘…’ we can fit in…

And may we once again thank you for you continued support, feedback and custom, means the world to us and helps us to strive for the best possible shop, service and experience for you.

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