Christmas?… Just in!


And what a cracking day it is.

Well, whether you like it or not, whether a scrooge or a… a… I cant think of a famous Character who loves Christmas. I dunno… Mickey mouse must have done… maybe.

Anyways, I digress. I am sure you like food, and we have lots and lots in, we are even doing single spuds (they just dont believe in marriage) out of one of the 12.5kg spuds as some have said they would just like a few and as they are not entering the world’s strongest person comp this year and dont wish to carry a huge sack back home on their push bike. Loooooosers!

We have advent calendars, oodles of choccy, hot choc shots, gift ideas, crumpets in the freezer and bread, mince pies, mince meat for making your own, brandy butter, stock, pizzas, fresh and frozen chicken, gammon (have a rummage in the back freezer, I picked up some incredible meats from Maisebrooke farm shop last night)

We will also have x-mas trees in this weekend. More of the cute 5fters as these are really a fab all rounder and good looker (which was weirdly my nickname in high school).

Enough of the lies.

Our Food bank Box (Blue plastic box) will be in to the right beside the icecream freezer under the choccy table, so please do donate anything if you wish/can and once full we will make sure we get it to the foodbank. Someone mentioned about having a box instead where people could donate and then anyone who is in need could just take it, which means we are even more directly helping the community. However, if you think it an idea or have any others please don email me at It is just a question of space in our little shop, but always here to listen to any funky ideas.

Either way, as always, much love to you all and have a super weekend.

Glenn and Lily

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