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Happy New Year all

Why did Adele cross the road? To say hello from the other side!

We are open as usual 8am-9pm every single day.

Click the link above if you would like or know of anyone who needs deliveries. The shop itself only allows 2x people in at a time and is a nice way to combine a walk and a shop in the beautiful countryside. So if you can come in please do so. However, if you are self isolating/shielding we are more than happy to help with deliveries on Fridays. Min order £20 for free delivery.

Useful Days to know:

Veg deliveries are on Tuesday and Friday Afternoons

Pizzas Usually come in Tues/Wed

Thursday wholefoods arrive

Milk is ordered most days

Eggs are delivered Friday afternoons

Fresh Bread comes in Wed and Sat Morning (we are going to get in poppadoms, pizza bases and pittas and gluten free rolls too)

But if you ever want us to get anything in for you especially or want to know if we currently have anything in stock just give us a call on 01508 538 206 or email

Big waves and smiles from everyone at the shop

Glenn and Lily

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