Fresh Fish Van Coming to Yare Valley Farm!

For all you fish lovers out there we are very exited to announce that on Thursday 21st Jan 12pm-4pm we will have Surlingham’s first (as far as we are aware) fresh fish van coming to the village.

East Coast Fishmonger which was established in 2010 will be trialing a month so if fresh fish is something you are keen on and would like to see on a regular basis, do be sure to pop down to show your support and keep this very handy service for many here.

Tim will be situating his van just outside the shop so will be easy to find and sat out in the fresh Norfolk Countryside.
He will be taking card payments to make life even easier, with a minimum of only £2 so you are good to go on the go, especially if you wont have cash with you. The shop also takes card payments as usual with min order now only £5.

So to confirm the dates we have booked in are:
Thurs 21st Jan 12-4pm,
Thurs 28th Jan 12-4pm,
Thurs 4th Feb 12-4pm,
Thurs 11th Feb 12-4pm.

We look forward to seeing you there.

In regards to the shop we have lots of goodies. Remember our comment box, where you can tell us how fab or awful we are, but also if you would like to see anything. We had a request yesterday for some little yogurts. They are coming in today. We have the Brick Pizzas in and are as popular as ever, Fruit Pig has also just arrived with their delicious Haggis, Black Pudding and White Pudding. Yesterday we also received some more chicken, Kievs, chicken breasts, beef mince, pigeon breasts, duck breasts, pheasant breasts and whole pheasant, partridge, venison and much much more.
More fresh veg in this afternoon as well as milk. The best way to find most up to date info on what has arrived in the shop is to follow us on Social media. We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

We will drop another reminder about the fish next week, but until then… have a super weekend all!

Directions to Farm Shop: Follow Postcode NR14 7GD Mill Road Surlingham. There are signs for Farm shop, Teles Patisserie and Time Share Swimming Pool. The Shop is at the end of the long drive on the left. Parking is to the right.
Open: 8am-9pm every single day including Bank Holidays and weekends.

Glenn and Lily – Yare Valley Farm Shop, Surlingham

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