Norfolk County Council – Flood Protection Grants

Norfolk County Council will be seeking funding to offer households across Norfolk the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to £5000 towards property level protection. You can apply if you have been flooded inside your house from rainfall, watercourses or groundwater.

Property level protection helps reduce the risk of flood water getting into your home.  The grant can be used to provide a combination of automatic flood protection measures such as flood doors, air brick covers and non-returnable valves.

However manual flood protection, such as flood boards and gates, are excluded from the grant as these rely on an individual being present at the property when flooding is expected.

Applications will be assessed on a number of factors including the number of times the property has been flooded and the risk in the area. Other factors will be considered, including whether the installation of flood protection measures would increase risk to the neighbouring properties and whether property protection is the most suitable option to reduce risk.

It may take a number of months to identify whether the property is eligible as it is subject to Norfolk County Council securing funding and will depend on the amount of funding received.

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