Barn Owl. Issue 10

Happy Easter to all our readers!

Please use this link to view the all colour, fully formatted version of the latest edition barn-owl-10-1.pdf

Art Café: A place to meet up on Wednesday mornings

The Café takes place on Zoom, starting at 10.30am for around an hour. You’re warmly invited to join us in exploring works artists and their work, talking about life, spirituality and all that intrigues and inspires us.

April 14th The Resurrection in art: how artists have tried to capture the essence of Easter.

April 28th Religion and Andy Worhol.

Please phone me on 01508 538014 or use CONTACT US for more information and Zoom link.

More News from the Barn

Network Norfolk Article

Thanks to Network Norwich for publishing this piece about my role as Bishop’s Officer and the Barn’s future as a centre for contemporary spirituality and creative engagement with the arts South_Norfolk/Norfolk_barn_is_focus_for_creative_Christianity.aspx

We’re hoping that this month may see a further loosening of restrictions on indoor spaces that will make face to face Barn activities possible. We’re looking forward to welcoming you into the Barn in person and will keep you informed about any changes.

News from Elsewhere

Art and Spirituality reflections from Leeds Methodist Mission

Every week artist Shaeron Caton-Rose posts an article for reflection by individuals and small groups. You can find them here and also subscribe, if you wish

Reflections on Christ

Richard Maberly reflects on Christ in his sculpture, drawing and writings on his website

Gift of Wonder and the Spirituality of Gardening

The US website Godspace offers inexpensive online courses, including a Gift of Wonder retreat and Gardening with God course, based on Christine Sine‘s book To Garden with God. The website aims to reconnect with creation, imagination and sense of wonder

Re-opening the Royal Academy

The royal Academy is staging three exhibitions in late May: Emin/Munch highlighted in last month’s Barn Owl, together with exhibitions by David Hockney and Michael Armitage

Art in (and on) Churches

Art installation on Wells Cathedral

Anthony Gormley has been commissioned to install a sculpture on the West front of Wells Cathedral in August. Gormley says that ‘”The work attempts to invoke the feeling of being isolated and exposed on this corner of a Gothic masterpiece. My purpose is to engage the eye and body of the viewer in empathic projection, to consider our time in the shelter of other times.” utm_source=Daily+media+digest&utm_campaign=4665e0c8d8- EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_11_27_02_01_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_296e14724b -4665e0c8d8-248630101&mc_cid=4665e0c8d8&mc_eid=76bde5c5c2

Sculpted head of NHS worker wearing PPE installed at Christchurch Priory

Sculptor Rory Young has carved a head for our times as a lasting legacy on the medieval structure of Christchurch Priory. utm_source=Daily+media+digest&utm_campaign=44e5df263b- EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_11_27_02_01_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_296e14724b -44e5df263b-248630101&mc_cid=44e5df263b&mc_eid=76bde5c5c2

Attention church detectives!

Have a hunt around the vestry. Who knows what great masters may be lurking there…A report from the BBC by finding a painting from Titian’s workshop in a Herefordshire church. utm_source=Daily+media+digest&utm_campaign=74c23d304e- EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_11_27_02_01_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_296e14724b -74c23d304e-248630101&mc_cid=74c23d304e&mc_eid=76bde5c5c2

Please e-mail or phone me if there are any art and spirituality resources you’d like to suggest for Barn Owl, or if you’d like to donate much-needed funds for the Barn’s vibrant ministry. Many thanks!

With Easter Greetings,

Nick Garrard

Bishop’s Officer for Christian Spirituality through the Creative Arts (Norwich)

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