One for the Rook, September 8-12 and 22-26

The out of the Ordinary is Right under your Nose

A Trail like None Other

Stop, Look, Listen, wait a while; so much to see, so much to hear, so much to smell. A “Trail” over our ancient land, a palimpsest of tracks written by paw, claw and hoof. A swallow and swift weave the clear air into pathways as intricate as Celtic knots and a Blackcap announces its presence, singing amongst the willows. 

This Trail has been stitched by shoe and boot for you with song and story, music, memory and thought, and marked by runes.

One for the Rook is a celebration of the wild world around us, an acknowledgement of all creatures, plants and insects – our neighbours. We follow in the footsteps of those beautiful and influential books, ‘Lost Words’ and ‘Lost Spells’ written by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris. Although ‘following’, it is very much our own pathway we have created.  The ‘One for the Rook’ trail is quiet, contemplative and can be walked as a meditation. 

One for the Rook is a Bergh Apton Arts(BACAT) production, a loose linking together of Sculpture Trails for which BACAT garnered wide acclaim and its more recent Dramatic presentations which played to packed houses. It has been developed with creative contributions from many as well as significant support from Hugh Lupton, creative writing, Mary Lovett commissioned music, the Happy Couple musical responses, Charlotte Arculus, creative advice, Liz McGowan, Land Art workshop.

One for the Rook has been devised to conform to limited Lockdown rules and Groups of Six will be scheduled to arrive at 20-minute intervals, so visitor numbers will be limited. The Trail is likely to take visitors a couple of hours via wild wood, marsh, river and meadow. There will be a cunning Puzzle full of trickery & riddles to solve to keep minds sharp.

Click here for tickets and more information or phone 01508 480696. 

Information received from Bergh Apton Arts – Jenny Lovatt, Christopher Meynell, Pat Mlejnecky, Peter Lyle 

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