Parish Council Reminder – Overgrown Hedges and Roadside Obstructions

Overgrown hedges

Please would property and landowners check that overgrown hedges, trees, shrubs etc are not endangering road users causing people to take avoidance by walking further into the road or impeding the view of drivers, cyclists etc.

Before cutting back please check carefully for nesting birds since to disturb them is illegal, and they may still be nesting until the end of August.

Obstructions on Verges

A reminder that the placement of posts, stones, wooden blocks etc on roadside verges impedes road users when they need to take urgent action to avoid traffic.

Guidance from Norfolk County Council confirms that the verge forms part of the Highway and under the Highways Act, the Highway must not be obstructed, and must always remain available for Highway users.

In the event of accident and injury, and if the obstructions are deemed to be the cause, there is the possibility that legal action could be taken against the property owner to recover damages. Norfolk County Council will investigate if complaints are received.

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