Speed Activated Monitor – SAMs Machine

At the last Parish Council meeting the chairman asked for volunteers to help manage the rotation of the SAMs machine and thus ensure it is moved regularly and data is kept current.

Under the Statement of Memorandum between the Parish Council and Norfolk County Council the system must not be left for more than 4 weeks at a location and not return to that location within 8 weeks.

NCC authorised the following 8 sites (10) options.

Mill Road – Northern junction of The Croft on bend warning sign – Facing either way

School Lane – South of school on school warning sign – Facing South

Walnut Hill – Opposite Fetherston House on bend warning sign – Facing East

Bramerton Road – North of Surlingham Lodge on 30mph repeater – Facing South

Bramerton Road South of Surlingham Lodge on bend sign – Facing North

The Green – Opposite No 26 on 30 mph repeater – Facing either way

The Street – Opposite No16 on 30mph repeater Facing either way

For Data to be specific to each location it should be downloaded each time the machine is moved. Software is provided on a memory stick and the subsequent report sent to the Parish Clerk for publication at the following Council meeting and on Surlingham.org.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Councillor Broom for more information.

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