The Trustees would like to inform parishioners that with effect from 18 October 2021 the Surlingham Charities (Combined) and the Church & Poor Charity have merged to form

Surlingham Church & Poor Charity

There is now a single body of seven trustees: Three representing the Church and four representing the Parish.

The income is from the rental of land. That income will be divided equally between the Church and the Poor.

The objectives remain the same and are as follows:

To the Church

Half of the income shall be applied in the payment of any charges lawfully incurred by the Churchwardens in the maintenance and repair and insurance against fire of the fabric of the Parish Church of Surlingham. Subject thereto in the payment of like charges in respect of the maintenance of the services of the said church and of the furniture thereof. If in any year the whole of the income be not applied the residue shall be accumulated so as to form a fund for the extraordinary repairs, improvement, or enlargement of the fabric of the said church and for that purpose shall be paid to the said officials for investment in their name.

To the Parish

The remaining half of the income will be distributed within the Parish for:

a) the relief of financial hardship either generally or individually of people living in the village of Surlingham.

b)  to assist in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age infirmity or disability, financial, or social circumstances with the object of improving their conditions of life.

Janet Rogers


Posted on behalf of the Trustees

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